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[#NoG20/#Rondenbarg] Germany-wide solidarity demo against #repression on December 5th in #Hamburg

Hamburg. Germany. On Saturday, December 5th, we will organize a Germany-wide solidarity demo in Hamburg in addition to the action day on November 28th. It is about a clear sign against isolation and passivity and for a practical and collective solidarity – that means not only to stand together symbolically across city borders, but above all in common action on the street! It is about time!

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

December 5th 2020 | 04:00pm | Hauptbahnhof (Main train station, Hbf) | Hamburg | Germany

  • -For the demonstration we will be organizing our own health protection measures. The need for a strong practical response to the attacks by the state is as clear to us as a responsible approach to the pandemic. More concrete information on this will be available in the near future on our blog.

-Joint travelling from Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart. More travel directions and details will follow soon

Get in touch if you want to support or publish a joint travel route!

Collective resistance against their class justice!

Germany-wide demonstration on December 5 in solidarity with those affected by G20 repression

The G20 summit in Hamburg was held more than three years ago. The empty promises of the powerful back then have long been forgotten. Not forgotten is the resistance against the meeting of the global capitalist elites. Tens of thousands were on the streets to protest against their system of global exploitation and oppression and also against the siege of the city by brutal and heavily armed police forces. And it ain’t over yet:

The state is still persecuting those who took to the streets against the summit in the summer of 2017. After several trials and prison sentences in recent years, the “Rondenbarg trial” is now imminent. A court case that aims to make a spontaneous demonstration, which was disrupted during the summit by a brutal police attack, punishable as a whole.

The public prosecutor’s office in Hamburg and a special task force set up specifically for this purpose are working under high pressure to present culprits for the fact that the resistance in Hamburg could not be brought completely under control despite escalating police violence. The Rondenbarg trial, with a total of over 80 defendants from all over Germany, is an unprecedented attack on the left movement, and not only because of its size. Without the possibility of proving specific crimes against individuals, the state is cracking down with full force on everyone who was in the area where the demonstration took place. For some of those affected, this meant months of pre-trial detention, raids on their homes, and police pressure against their workplace. In the upcoming trial, five minors from the group of defendants are on trial. The trial may therefore take place in a closed session without public, as the public prosecutor’s office intended. In the closed chamber a precedent is to be created here, which aims to make a collective self-determined appearance in public a crime!

It is about the re-establishment of the scratched state authority and sovereignty, with which the SPD mayor and current chancellor candidate Scholz and his companions pompously announced a controlled process of the summit. The instrument is a politically motivated revenge justice system designed to intimidate and deter. Previous court rulings against those involved or allegedly involved in the protests speak exactly the same language: they are disproportionately high and are based on the political views of the accused instead of evidence. Police violence disappears in the background.

The persecution of protest actions is one line of attacks by the state. The authorities are also aiming to deal a lasting blow to the leftist movement in the wake of the G20, as shown by the current investigations into actual or merely suspected leftist structures under §129. These are so-called bans on association and, above all, the criminalization and surveillance of all political activities associated with them. In recent months, police troops, some with SEK support, have stormed numerous homes, stores, cars and workplaces with media attention. Leftists in Berlin and Athens have been hit, whose alleged “criminal organization” is mainly justified by a police check in Hamburg in the run-up to the summit. And the large-scale proceedings to ban the “Roten Aufbau Hamburg” are also about calling for and participating in the summit protests.

However, it is not only the police and the judiciary that ensure that resistance to the summit remains on the agenda. It is the policy of the G20 itself. The deep capitalist crisis that is building up in front of us is not the product of a virus. It is an outgrowth of this economic order, in which politicians are completely on the side of the banks and corporations, which are now increasingly competing for the defense of their property, spheres of influence and favorable conditions for the exploitation of people and nature. The G20 states and their corporations control almost 90% of global economic output. Already at their summit meeting three years ago, the G20 representatives proved that they are fully aware of their tasks: Among other things, it was agreed that selected African states would be supported with loans on condition that they further privatize, deregulate and open up their economies to foreign capital. The patent recipe for absolute dependence and vulnerability to crises. And even the climate goals that are supposedly so important to them remained non-binding enough not to put pressure on any major energy company, while the USA and Turkey consequently preferred not to even superficially back common goals. A complete success in their eyes. The greenhouse gas emissions of the G20 states continue to rise, and the goal of the Paris climate agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C compared to the pre-industrial era remains an act without actors. The current international cooperation of the Round Table of States includes the mass murder of refugees and the camp system at Europe’s external borders, as well as the war policies in Libya and Syria, which are fueled from various sides. The motto of their online meeting this year could hardly be more cynical: “Realizing the opportunities of the 21st century for all”.

The resistance against the G20, against the openly displayed power of this intolerable society system, is a matter that concerns us all: All those who are committed to a social future that is developed from below, from those who are not at the trigger of power today, in the executive chairs and private jets. All those who are committed to ensuring that natural and social wealth is no longer used for the profit of a few, but for the benefit of many.

What can only be achieved as an alternative to this system in international struggles begins for us in the context of the G20 in Hamburg on our own doorstep: With the defense of the protests and actions against the bourgeois judiciary at that time, by standing behind and in front of the people who are now indicted! As diverse as the actions of the resistance were at that time, as comprehensive as the state took action against all its components, against demonstrators, journalists, residents and cultural workers, as diverse we should stand up now.

The trigger is the beginning of the Rondenbarg trial, the reason are the attacks by the state on the entire G20 resistance, the countless injured, prisoners and the defendants and convicted of further trials. Whether Elbchaussee, Rondenbarg or Welcome-to-Hell Demo. The reasons are the banning proceedings, public defamation and tightening of laws to limit future protests in the aftermath. The perspective is a multi-layered movement that fights for its right to demonstrate and to be present in the streets – in court, but above all in public. For a leftist movement that remains capable of action and fights for the legitimacy of its own policies.

It is about time for a collective signal! Let us show solidarity and make it clear that the streets of the cities do not belong to the heads of state and their police!

December 5th 2020 | 04:00pm | Hauptbahnhof (Main train station, Hbf) | Hamburg | Germany

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