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Brennero trial: 61 Comrades sentenced in #Italy

The Police Headquarters orders, the prosecutor executes, the judge convicts.

Italy. Bolzano. At the Bolzano Court, as usual militarized with dozens of cops, carabinieri and police officers of all kinds, sentences against 61 comrades who were accused of participating in the demonstration against the construction of the anti-migrant wall at the Brenner Pass on May 7, 2016, were pronounced on November 16, 2020.

Originally published by oltre il Ponte / über die Brücke

As we have already written, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bolzanina, through Andrea Sacchetti and Igor Secco, after having demanded, as if they were making a shopping list and in a perfect practical representation of the application of the criminal law of the enemy, over 330 years in prison for comrades / defendants in the trial for “Devastation and looting” had asked for another 85 years for comrades who were accused of “minor” crimes or interruption of public service, seditious gathering and falsification.

In fact, the maximum possible penalty was demanded against each and every person, prefiguring a sort of collective crime, with the clear political intent to intimidate and strike those who, faced with the most unacceptable injustices, had decided that the time had come to say enough.

Comrades have been sentenced to sentences ranging for the most part between 7 and 10 months of arrest or imprisonment for a total of approximately 37 years in prison.

They want to fool us and make us believe that the so-called “justice” exercised in the courtrooms is “neutral”, in which impartial men decide on the life, and often on death, of men and women.

No place like the Court of Bolzano shows so clear that this is far from the reality that they want to make us believe, whose Attorney General Gianluca Bramante, a friend of the former magistrate Luca Palamara (the latter thrown out of the judiciary following the discovery of the system of influences with which he was affected, not to say decided, the appointment of prosecutors and other men of power within the Courts throughout Italy), from the chats that have been made public, it emerges that he was the protagonist of a power struggle within the Court of Bolzano having stated how, as soon as he took office, he had “beheaded the former chief prosecutor in Bolzano, Tarfusser’s men“.

Power, influence, ideology, economic interests determine, unaware that the whole population is aware of them, the decisions of those who decide on the most precious good of every human being: freedom.

Certainly we could not expect from those who apply the law, understanding of any kind towards those who intend to radically change a society built on wars, indiscriminate exploitation of labor and the environment. However, it has never been more necessary to strengthen solidarity with the condemned defendants, in a historical moment in which sectors of power, from people like Piercamillo Davigo to Bonomi of Confindustria, are trying to take advantage of an emergency situation that sees the possibilities of organization and protest reduced by decree.

Certainly we are in a country where, as recently recalled, torturers and those responsible for the torture inflicted on the demonstrators of the G8 in Genoa make a career in the police forces while those who demonstrate are convicted, or rather, persecuted with penalties beyond all logic, such as those demanded by Sacchetti and Secco for the Brenner trial. Speaking of “neutrality”.

After setting up a grotesque theater with the militarization of the Court carried on for years, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bolzano, after repeating the statements of the officials of police headquarters, real consultants of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, had to bring home a result in order not to look ridiculous. And who cares if Sacchetti-Secco’s delusional accusatory design did not take into the least consideration what really happened on that day but had the exclusive intent to assign as many years in prison as possible, inventing reality if necessary.

Evidently the pressure was high, as never before, for those who are obliged to ensure the maintenance of the status quo, it is important to remove and intimidate those who revolt and those who organize themselves to resist the increasingly violent attacks against workers, migrants, proletarians and the poorest part of society.

The defendants in the Brenner trial, who were in fact convicted for not standing still to be beaten to death by the charges of the police, must be defended, because they did not look the other way while men and women died and risked dying while crossing a border. They did not remain indifferent while European migration policies caused the death of hundreds and thousands of people, in the deserts, in the Mediterranean, on the borders.

The convicted of today, like many convicted of the past and inevitably, of the future, must be defended for having been able to put themselves on the line, against the consecration of privilege and inequality that occurs through anti-migrant walls, military missions, control devices and security decrees such as the one wanted by Lega and 5 stars and confirmed by the PD.

They must be defended because they have been able to break indifference in a concrete way. In a country like Italy where historically and currently (see the Cucchi homicide to name a recent case), the misdirection inside Police Headquarters or Carabinieri stations or the violence committed inside the prisons are the norm, to be convicted for trying to break the vicious circle of passivity in the face of the injustices to which we would be accustomed is a medal of merit.

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  1. Only through political struggle will the people’s voice be heard. Return to basics: Black and white unite!

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