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Dannenrod Forest Occupation: Police again escalated

Dannenrod, 20.11.2020. Today the police again proved their disproportionality. When one of their special vehicles got stuck in the mud between the vigil camp and the police logistics center (mother ship), the state executive responded by driving up a bulldozer and later also a water cannon from Baden-Württemberg. The activists responded to this overdone action by the police with sit-in blockades and a barricade occupation, which resulted in the cops once again brutally pushing people around and also not letting their batons out of action.

Submitted to Enough 14 in German. Translated by Enough 14.

Even when the vehicle in question was already able to drive on freely, this did not stop the police from continuing to harass people.

When two pesons climbed a barricade about two and a half meters high and held on to it, the cops followed and tried to evict people with unnecessary violence. This resulted in the use of batons on fingers, pain grips and further traumatizing behavior on the part of the cops.

Activist Hazel says: “It is terrible how the police are behaving here. To see the activist who has been cleared from the barricade lying unconscious on the ground triggers a feeling of fear and rage in me. Slowly, all this is really unbearable and irresponsible. The means of the police, who as always are ready to use violence and terrorize people, are not proportionate and it is enough! We demand the immediate stop of the operation!”

Dannenrod Forest Media Team, November 20, 2020.

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