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Transnational Migrants Coordination: Public Online Assembly on November 22, 05:00 – 08:00pm CET

From border to detention centre, from street to factory, from houses to workplaces: migrants’ problems, migrants’ struggles are transnational. And we need a space where all migrants can recognize each other, share experiences, find what is common to us.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

Notwithstanding the different conditions we experience in every country, EU decisions affect us all across borders. Therefore our response must be across borders too. Our tools and weapons, our strategies to fight against borderless racism must be borderless. Our coordination must be transnational.In May and June we started mobilizing, and on October 17th, we organized a transnational migrants’ protest. We won’t stop now. A step forward follows this November: let’s meet in a public online assembly to organize, to stop the EU and its member states deciding upon the lives of millions of migrants, to break isolation and show our transnational power!

To counteract this situation, we claim an unconditional residence permit for all. To fight racism, patriarchy and exploitation we use the strike as a weapon. The strike is our response against violence, against the blackmail of documents, against the new European deals, against militarized borders and against the new pact on migration and asylum.We need to connect and deepen our common analysis and enlarge the political space for common strategies.Therefore we invite everyone to join an open online transnational assembly on the 22nd of November. Let’s empower ourselves through transnational coordination!


How to organize and struggle together against institutional racism in the pandemic conditions?

How to develop common strategies against the new European pact on migration and asylum?

How to bring together migrant labor struggles against exploitation?

How to imagine a transnational migrants’ strike?


Building a transnational political space to connect and empower migrants’ struggles

Share a common vision in order to enforce our common organization

The future: an unconditional European residence permit for all

See you on november 22nd at 5 pm. Here you find the link to participate to the Transnational Migrants Coordination Public Assembly, which will be in English and French:

* The operating team of Athens IMC warns that mainstream media (like zoom) do not guarantee anonimity.

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