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#Carrefour Stores Attacked After Security Guards Murder Black Man in #Brazil

Brazil. The murder of a Black man by white supermarket security guards has been compared to George Floyd’s murder by police in the US. The man was killed on the eve of Brazil’s Black Consciousness Day.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Protests took place across Brazil on Friday after a Black man was beaten to death by white security guards at a Carrefour grocery store in Porto Alegre.

A short video captured by a store employee showed one guard restraining the man, Joao Alberto Silveira Freitas, just outside of the supermarket. Another security guard repeatedly struck Freitas’ face. Later clips recorded after the initial strikes showed a guard kneeling on Freitas’ back.

Protests were held outside several Carrefour stores across Brazil with demonstrators chanting “Black lives matter” and “Carrefour killer.” Fires were lit in some stores and windows were smashed. Some protesters compared Freitas’ death to that of George Floyd, who was murdered by police in Minneapolis earlier this year and sparked protests around the world.

One of the racists who beat Freitas to death is also an off-duty military policeman.

More than 1,000 militants attacked a Carrefour Brasil supermarket in Porto Alegre on Friday. In Sao Paulo, dozens of militants smashed the front windows of a Carrefour store with rocks, pulled off the front doors and stormed the building, spilling products into the aisles before dispersing.

The beating took place overnight Thursday, on the eve of Black Consciousness Day in Brazil. The day is meant to recognize Black culture in the South American nation.

Black and mixed-race people account for about 57% of Brazil’s population but are 74% of victims of lethal violence, and 79% of those killed by police.

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