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#Dannenrod Forest Occupation: Weekly review 8.0

Dannenrod forest. Germany. What follows is weekly review 8.0 from the Dannenrod forest occupation. The eviction is ongoing for weeks now.

Originally published by Wald Statt Asphalt. Translated by Enough 14. Image by Ende Gelände.

November 16

After a weekend full of deforestation and evictions, things continued today as well. Evictions and deforestation in “Drüben” (Over there), “Woanders” (elsewhere), “Nirgendwo” (nowhere), “Durchzug” (Eyelet) and “Douglasien” (Douglas fi)”.

Cops patrolled the track area and ran through the forest, destroying materials on the ground.

Today we also received the sad news that again an actvist fell 5 meters into his safety line because the police and forest workers were negligent. We call on the police and forest workers, if they have to do their work, to do it properly and carefully so that nobody gets hurt!

Today the police again stood at the train stations to intercept and harass activists.

November 17

“Durchzug”, “Drüben”, “Douglasien”, “Nirgendwo” are surrounded by police in the early morning hours and “Durchzug”, “Douglasien” and “Drüben” were evicted and uprooted. The police also stood at the people’s kitchen and the Infopoint in Danni and they were a bit provocative.

November 18

In the forest, the evictions and logging work continues. At “Azkaban” the police evicted some soil structures.

Today, again, the freedom of the press was massively restricted by the police.

November 19

In “Woanders”, “Nirgendwo”, “Drüben”, ” Douglasien” there was already a lot of police in the early morning hours. In the course of the day, evictions began and the uprooting continued. Despite calls and hints, cops played around with their saws on the guying of a Skypod in which a person was sitting. The person is fine and the Skypod is still standing. But this again shows how carelessly the police treats human life! “Daneben” (Besides) got a visit from the cops.

“Azkaban” was raided because a police drone is said to be there. “Azkaban” was evicted today.

November 20

More evictions in the forest.

During a barricade clearance at the camp, a person was dragged down 2.5 meters by the police. The person was unconscious and was treated by paramedics. Like today, people have been taken away in the forest all week long.

November 21

Again today a rope was cut, which is why one person fell! According to several statements, the police stood on a rope to which the Skypod was attached. When they climbed back down the rope, the Skypod began to sway and the person fell from down about 3 to 3.5 meters.

This morning cops used tazers at a height of 20 to 25 meters to separate two people.

Church observer cudgelled by cops in the area of Mawa Schmidthof towards Nirgendwo.

Today the police once again showed their face and how negligent and violent they are.

November 22

Ende Gelände were here today to block access roads and other things. According to the police, there will be no evictions nor deforestation today, but only clean-up operations. Today there were also, again, an unbelievable number of people participating in the forest walk. With lantern and singing we walked together to the cleared area. Thanks for all the support, whether here on the spot or elswhere! Without you we could not do it here the way we are doing it now!

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