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#Leipzig, #Germany: Demo report from October 31: Against the state & its laws – Down with repression

Leipzig. Germany. In response to the increasing repression against radical left-wing structures in Leipzig and elsewhere, around 350 people took to the streets in solidarity on October 31, 2020.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

The autonomous anti-repression demonstration took the streets determinedly and prepared without being intimidated by the high cop presence. After a prelude with speeches at the Johannapark, the crowd loudly headed for the courthouse in the center. Along the route, the cops were attacked in front of the main police station and the building was covered with paint. Communication cops and the assembly authority had already withdrawn before. At the district court, a group of cops disappeared in thick black smoke, which some demo participants took as a welcome opportunity to send some stones and bottles to these fools. The district court also got some color. On the remaining route to Connewitz the demo remained loud and could not be distracted by the announcements of the cops any further, until the demonstration ended at Herderpark with additional speeches on the Liebig eviction and the trials on the New Years riots in Connewitz without arrests or identity checks.

The demonstration was intended to send a signal against the increasing nationwide and, in some cases, transnational state repression. We are clearly on the side of our comrades who are currently affected by these developments, whether in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig or elsewhere!

It hits some and yet it is meant for all of us – this was also mentioned in the speeches: In addition to the aforementioned, reference was also made to current developments in the park bench trial in Hamburg, to the 129a trial in Frankfurt, as well as the 129b trial against comrades-in-arms of the TKP/ML, to the violent demonstration of power by the cops in Berlin in connection with increasing gentrification and the eviction of Liebig34 , as well as to the authoritarian response to anti-fascist commitment in East Germany and the accompanying repression in Leipzig.

It was nice to see that the beginning of the demo was organized out of a FLTI context, which very powerfully expressed a feminist perspective within the framework of autonomous organization. Unfortunately, one FLTI person was mobbed by a male person, and demo slogans called out from the FLTI series were repeatedly shouted over instead of marching loudly through the streets together. Again and again it is noticeable that patriarchal behavior patterns are reproduced when autonomous organization is used to question relations of domination. This is a contradiction in itself and should therefore be addressed again and again.

The evaluation of data from telephones and especially smartphones repeatedly appears in legal proceedings. Therefore: Smartphones, cameras and phones have no place on demos! Even if it is a personal decision, which risk is taken, other people are always exposed to the risk of control and monitoring and possible repression.

The cops reacted to the demo registration with a large presence. In the beginning the demo was accompanied rather loosely by “communication” bulls. But again and again there were units on the edges and in side streets and of course Connewitz was full of cops and cop vans.

If the state’s response to a demonstration is such an array, it is because it is clear that a radical critique of current power relations is being formulated. Therefore, we should increasingly unite in autonomous circles and consistently attack and criticize the current excesses in the form of various crises that go hand in hand with the capitalist world order. For it is the prevailing violent relationships that should be protected by increasingly violent action. Those who criticize and do not accept these are directly confronted with police violence and state repression.

Apart from the current developments of state repression, which forces comrades to deal with court cases, detention or prison, we especially do not want to forget those who died in the past years by police violence. These are, among others: Maria B. from Berlin, Aman Alizada from Stade, Rooble Warsame from Schweinfurt, Adel B. from Essen, Amad Ahmad from Kleve and Matiullah Jabarkhil from Fulda.

Links to current trials and solidarity groups: (Leipzig) (Leipzig) (Frankfurt) (Hamburg) (Hamburg) (BaWü)

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