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#Paris, #France: Violent eviction of migrants on Place de la #République: The republic on the edge of fascism [Video]

Paris. France. November 23. 2020. Tents cleared of their occupants as if they were cattle, beatings, insults, grenades, massive theft of tents, and an odyssey without a solution.

Originally published by Nantes Révoltée. Translated by Enough 14.

All this happened yesterday, November 23rd, in the heart of Paris, at Place de la République. In the cold night, the French state sent the police to terrorize hundreds of migrants who sleep in the streets and who gathered in the square to reveal their unbearable situation. The response of the police: steal their tents, which were poorly protected from the cold, and beat them. This is the daily fate of thousands of undocumented people in France today.

This inhumane eviction was accompanied by violence and humiliation until 1am, including against journalists and elected representatives. At the end of a terrible evening, the migrants, men, women and children, wandered around Aubervilliers, in the Parisian suburbs, always followed by dozens of cops.

Journalist Rémy Buisine, used to tense situations, wrote on twitter (Tweet below): “In 5 years of journalism, this is probably one of the most emotionally difficult evenings. Not for me, but for them. The situation of the refugees in Paris is horrible, the management of the situation is so inhuman tonight. Shocking.”

The French Republic is on the edge of fascism. Macron is Le Pen, but without the counter-powers.

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