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Put an end to the persistent persecution of Jean-Marc Rouillan

The French state wants to send the co-founder of the urban guerilla organization “Action Directe”, Jean-Marc Rouillan, back to prison.

Originally published by Mediapart. Translated by Enough 14.

Jean-Marc Rouillan, co-founder of “Action Directe” in the 1980s, had been sentenced to eight months of house arrest two years ago for “glorification of terrorism” after spending half of his life in prison (from 1987 to 2012). Since July 2020, he has been wearing an electronic anklet that allows him to leave the house for a few hours a day. Because the cuff was damaged – unnoticed by himself – the responsible prosecutor wants to put him back in jail for the last two to three months remaining from his sentence.


Jean-Marc Rouillan has been under house arrest since July 9. He has to walk around with an electronic anklet for eight months because of ‘glorification of terrorism’. Although the sentence expires in a few months, the responsible public prosecutor’s office is requesting his imprisonment. The magistrate at the Tribunal of Auch (South of France) will decide on November 25th, in a generally repressive climate fuelled by the government.

The public prosecutor’s office justifies its request with two incidents, which have occurred with the anklet. The first on August 18 was the result of an accidental impact. The second on October 24 was a loosening of the ankle cuff. In both cases, the competent authorities determined that the prisoner had not moved from his place of residence and that he could be reached. There has never been a violation of house arrest. It must also be said that during the entire period of the sentence the prisoner was unable to make professional or private visits, nor was he granted any reduction in sentence.

The Prosecutor’s Office’s request bears witness to a relentless persecution of Jean-Marc Rouillan, which he knows well enough: the State has never stopped inventing reasons for his isolation, his weakening and the attempt to put him back in prison. Jean-Marc Rouillan has a serious autoimmune disease that weakens his immune system. Sending him to a closed institution in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic, where the risk of infection is particularly high, is a real danger. Jean-Marc Rouillan’s state of health meets the criteria set by the authorities for a special risk. We, the signatories of this appeal, demand the continuation of the house arrest at the place of residence until the end of the sentence.

To sign this call, you can write to the following address:

Find the complete list of signatories of this call on Mediapart.

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