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#Toronto, #Ontario: Defend the East York 50

Toronto. Ontario. For months, organizers in Toronto have been sounding the alarm over a looming wave of evictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Politicians at all layers of government have feigned sympathy, but have ultimately moved to secure the interests of the nation’s lucrative real estate sector.

Originally published by SubMedia Kolektiva Channel.

In the East York neighbourhoods of Crescent Town and Goodwood Park, tenants have been organizing for months, escalating their tactics to try and force their landlords to come to the negotiating table, and to pressure the city’s mayor to use his emergency powers to pass an eviction moratorium. This struggle is now coming to a head, with more than 50 tenants across several buildings facing eviction hearings in the coming weeks. Tenants in these buildings are organized and have set the bar for anti-eviction resistance in this province and in this country.

Defend the #EastYork50!

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