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Molotov Attack on Police Station in #Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki. Greece. On November 17, 2020, Greek police suppressed demonstrations to commemorate the 1973 Polytechnic uprising in several cities. Many people were arrested and injured from police violence. The following text is about an attack on a police station in Thessaloniki on the same day.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Not a drop went in vain

The flower of our youth was watered

And now that state and media terrorism has subsided, it is time for us to speak. Let us say openly, how this day of November 17 should be registered in the collective memory of the struggle and the resistance. With sincerity and humility towards our history, with respect for all those who 47 years ago held their own share of responsibility for the outbreak of the Polytechnic uprising. For all of us, the Polytechnic lives, when we ourselves do not let it die in the mouth of power. It is not a memorial service, it is not a narrative of the past. It is the living flame that burns in the resistance of today. It is the spark that sharpens the necessity for social upheaval. It is the beacon for their uprising tomorrow. It is a revolutionary tribute of honor over the years to fighters such as Kaltezas, Koumis, Kanellopoulos and each one who individually watered with his blood, the flower of resistance.

In the course of the anti-authoritarian war, history is the only narrator who needs winners and losers. History judges those who consistently and diligently defended the cause of collective liberation to the end, in defiance of those who fled in a state of disorder.

This year, the days of remembrance and struggle for the uprising of the Polytechnic, concentrated the polarization between two worlds. With method and strategy, the state and its offshoots sowed a pervasive climate of fear, panic and terrorism against the emerging social insurgency. Through measures reminiscent of the dark past, the uniformed guard of the Republic took to the streets, a traffic ban was imposed, prosecutions for incitement to disobedience and a ban on gatherings of more than 4 people. November 17 was not about banning demonstrations, but about enforcing the silence of the militant resistance. This silence, however, was broken by the cries of thousands of fighters, who in practice challenged the monarchy of state totalitarianism and repressive barbarism.

By the morning of the day, hundreds of cops had flooded the city streets. But nothing is impossible in the face of determination, with the forces of social disobedience breaking the barrier and the banning them by holding rallies in the occupied student dormitories and the American consulate. The rallies were blocked by the repressive forces, with the rally in the city center accepting the violent attack and the arrest of 6 fighters. And here was our moment to take the baton of resistance. On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 17, we carried out a Molotov cocktail attack on the Sykeon police station in Thessaloniki. Attacking the security forces is not just a revolutionary choice, it is a social obligation historically justified against the perpetrators of state violence. With our small forces we send our fiery solidarity to each individual fighter who was targeted, persecuted, arrested or tortured during the events of all the days before and during November 17th.

The attack on the torturers of Power is the minimal return of violence that accompanies the existence of the state and capital. Because when the fighters say that nothing will be left unanswered, they mean it. Our fires are a minimal response to the daily humiliation, torture, sexist violations, arrests and imprisonments of the uniformed garbage that tend to become a new norm. It is a response to the attacks and terrorism that the resistance communities receive (evacuations of squatters, police tactics, imprisonment and persecution of militants, etc.). It is a response to the daily deaths of migrant women in wards, borders, seas and metropolises. Finally, it is the practical proof of the challenge of any repressive measure that contributes to the intensification of social control. We hit the modern panopticon in one of its temples.

We have a responsibility to keep alive yesterday’s uprisings, to light our own struggles with their flame. But we also carry on our backs the responsibility to crush those who kill the insurgents every day with their actions. The statists who desecrate the dead of the Polytechnic by laying wreaths of hypocrisy and politicking at the same time that devalue and and suppress those who defend the updating of the uprising. The idiots of the treacherous left who sold out the uprising by insulting the militants with provocateurism and now run to capitalize on the Polytechnic as a party seal. All those who, regardless of their political identity and the respective expediencies, want the Polytechnic as a cheap jewel in the window of yesterday. For all of them, the Polytechnic and every uprising is a living threat through the consistency, the faith and the commitment of the social disobedience to the same project of total overthrow. The Polytechnic belongs to each selfless fighter who honors it with a thought, a flower, a slogan, a Molotov cocktail, a bullet.

The Polytechnic lives in the stubbornness of all of you

Down with power, the struggle continues…

Drops of November

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