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#Berlin, #Rigaer94: Report on the eviction of our neighbor under the balcony

Berlin. Let us remember that a few months ago, those up there dictated solidarity to us, a word which for us means rebellion and social warmth, but for them it only means the maintenance of the capitalist cogwheel from labor of isolated individuals. In a moment like this morning – in the midst of the pandemic – this hypocrisy, the inhumanity of the prevailing conditions, was once again clearly demonstrated.

Originally published by Rigaer 94. Translated by Enough 14.

A person who had found a place to stay under a balcony in Rigaer Street in the last few months was evicted in sub-zero temperatures by a massive contingent of an entire riot police squad, helmeted cops, a chopper, the public order office and the BSR (Berlin city cleaning services). An operation that must have cost several thousand Euros.

The announced solidarity of our small rebellious structures apparently caused a lot of fear in the police authorities. Thus, shortly after 6 o’clock, the people of the northern neighborhood were able to watch police vans occupying the street. Once again, the head of operations was Pohl from Section 51, the very same person who always falls on his face with his operations against Rigaer94, most recently in July of this year. Certainly the guardians of order had thought that the early hour would enable them to carry out the operation unseen. But this plan did not work out. The probably earliest neighborhood radio in the history of Rigaer Street decided to inform the neighborhood about the events even before most alarm clocks went off.

The fact that the Liebig34 is missing in the rebellious structures was once again made clear by the fact that the cops’ entire attention could be concentrated on the small street section between Liebig- and Zellestrasse. Accordingly, they soon began to harass the people in front of the door of Rigaer94 and asked for registration. Since their appearance was met with ignorance, the cops tried to get attention by making arrests. Some could be prevented in solidarity, but one person was taken away and had to leave the street after being given a ban for the premises. After a little paint flew on the cops from surrounding roofs, a chopper appeared a little later and terrorized the neighborhood for an hour in low-flying. The cop unit in front of the door of Rigaer94 was also reminded that it can get uncomfortable for them there. Several fire extinguishers emptied themselves onto them.

As usual, the bourgeois media took the opportunity once again to take over the police version of the events unquestioningly and drew the usual picture of the “neglected” homeless person. Talking about “camp” instead of shelter, about “garbage” and alleged complaints from neighbors. Here in the neighborhood, however, people hear different stories: Many asked again and again what was needed, brought thermos flasks with hot tea, sat down and talked or simply greeted with a warm smile. The lodging was a part of the neighborhood, just as homeless people repeatedly found themselves under the balconies and in the neighboring parks, looking for proximity to a neighborhood in which not all, but some have a healthy defensive behavior against cops and the public order office.

Thus this reporting fits in with the social chauvinism that already began with the letter from the public order office and is now to underpin the legitimacy of a disgusting state intervention on several levels. Of course, the merciless law-and-order policy of the City of the Rich also applies under the red-red-green government. The cynical package notice announcing the eviction with the addresses of some emergency shelters ignores the voices of those who repeatedly point out that in these shelters all self-determination is taken away from them and for this reason they do not visit them. Thus, the only thing to be given is a social touch to the inhuman grimace of the state, while just a few weeks ago an occupation of homeless people in Habersaathstraße was evicted. Or to put it in the words of the evicted person: “The police are trampling human rights underfoot. Literally.”

After four hours BSR, the public order office and finally also the cops withdrew. In the neighborhood, tired but smiling faces remained, to have at least not isolated the everyday cruelty of the capitalist normal state, but to have collectively confronted it. In them, the resistant history lives on, while the brooms of the BSR already created a condition that is supposed to blur the reality in front of their eyes for the now awakened people on their way to work, to school, to the job center or to do some shopping.

Rigaer 94, November 26, 2020

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