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Evictions in #Barcelona Halted by Militant Defense

Barcelona. Catalonia. The Raval neighborhood of Barcelona was the scene Tuesday afternoon of a neighborhood protest against an eviction by the Mossos [1]. They tried to carry it out, but they finally had to abort.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

According to the Raval housing union, the building belongs to a vulture fund. Tuesday morning there was an eviction order of a family in this building but it has been stopped. However, as said unions have informed a NIUS team displaced to the area, the Mossos had returned at around 6 pm “extrajudicially” to proceed with the eviction of the three houses on the ground floor of said building.

One of these affected families is made up of four women: one woman, her 75-year-old mother, a blind and dependent niece, and her minor daughter.

In another of these 3 houses on the ground floor of the building lives a group of youngsters belonging to the Raval housing union.

The streets surrounding the building were swarmed by the protests, and urban material and a car were burned.

“Evictions stopped, housing recovered. Thanks to the strength of the people,” the housing union declared.


[1] The Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈmosuz ðəsˈkwaðɾə]; in English: Troopers) are the police force of Catalonia.

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