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Two publications of “Die Plattform” now available in English

The anarcha communist organisation “Die Plattform” released two of its publications in English.

Originally published by Die Plattform.

As we know that we continue to reach an international audience of comrades around the globe we have for long been wanting to translate more of our texts and publications to the English language. We are very happy that we are now able to announce that two of our most important publications are finally available for English speakers too!

The first edition of our brochure series “Kollektive Einmischung” was the launch statement of our organization in December 2018 and presents an assesment of the political and social status quo in the German-speaking region to the reader. It continues to observe the current state of the anarchist movement in this region and concludes what is needed in a new, revolutionary anarchist organization.

The forth edition of our brochure series is a comprehensive FAQ about our organizations views, structures and practices.

We believe that both texts are worth a read also for an English-speaking audience and we hope to stimulate the international discussion around anarchist organizing. Feedback is very welcome!

Have a good read!

Die Plattform, November, 2020.


On the conditions under which we fight and the current state of the anarchist movement in the German-speaking region – the creation of a revolutionary platformist organization > PDF file:

FAQ of „die plattform“ – Frequently asked questions about our initiative and our attempts to anwer them –> PDF file:

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