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#Greece: Call for the creation of a health support network for migrants

Greece. Hundreds of migrants are excluded daily from healthcare every day as a result of the Greek state’s anti-immigration policy. The constant war against their migrants makes them vulnerable and creates a threatening situation for their health as: -chronic health problems remain unattended -People without AMKA are excluded from the prescription process for their necessary medication -patients with problems that require surgery do not have access to care resulting in escalating and deteriorating problems. -there is no screening processes (mammograms, colonoscopies, etc.) for diseases that are completely treated if diagnosed early and no routine check-ups (check-ups) -Poor living conditions and malnutrition, affecting a large number of children and adolescents, are contributing to an increasing burden on their health -People with mental illness remain unattended and unsupported, leading to the deteriorating of their condition.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

As if this healthcare hell that has been formed in recent years was not enough, this year the Covid-19 pandemic treaty has be added to it. The concentration camps are in lockdown, with a complete lack of diagnostics and non-existent health measures to deal with the pandemic, leading to hundreds of cases and losses of life inside the camps.

In addition, the situation prevailing in public hospitals further reduces the already limited access of migrant patients to the National Health System. For our part, we understand that we cannot talk about equal access to healthcare for migrants without talking about the daily war is being waged on them. That is why we choose to fight for the dismantling of the concentration camps and the fence in Evros, the provision of papers to all and, the final cessation of evictions and deportations, the provision of decent housing, food and education. The racist policy of the Greek state needs migrants to be impoverished and isolated. The answer to this can only be the constant struggle of the oppressed, locals and migrants, against racism and the system that breeds it.

On the basis of international solidarity and the anti-racist struggle, we call for the establishment of a health support network for immigrants. This call is addressed to the healthcare movement as a whole, whether it is for associations of doctors, health groups, social clinics / pharmacies, collectives active in the field of health, or for individual colleagues (regardless of specialty or employment relationship) and others that can assist.

The purpose of the project is the material and moral support of immigrants with all the means at our disposal so that no one is left without access to healthcare. This can take the form of immediate provision of health services (medical teams to visit the camps or direct treatment and follow-up of cases in hospitals or private clinics), facilitation of access to the National Health System for what they need, psychological support, and any another way that anyone can contribute. Until the health barriers are torn down, let us show our practical solidarity with the migrants who need it, especially in the midst of a pandemic that threatens twice the most impoverished part of our class.

(The call is addressed to organizations / collectives and at the individual level. Interested persons can declare their status and availability at or and by sending a direct message on the Facebook page Solidarity with migrants. Information such as specialty or specialization would be useful, capacities for prescribing medication or if they work in the provision of health services, etc., so that this networking can be established as a first stage towards the completion of this goal.)

We invite you to an initial communication and exchange of views on how to organize this solidarity network, and we intend to call for a more specific discussion on the subject at a later stage

Solidarity With Migrants

fb: @solidaritymigrants

twitter: @MigrantsSoli 


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