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Attacks on Police in Solidarity with Arrested Anti-Fascist Lina in Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig. Germany. On November 5, 2020, the federal attorney general ordered a repressive operation against alleged anti-fascists in Leipzig. For one of them, the LKA cops had an arrest warrant ready with which they took her away and put her in pre-trial detention.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Introduction and translation by Abolition Media Worldwide.

The people affected by the operation are accused of having planned, prepared and carried out several attacks against the fascists. All of this is part of the classic accusation, now well known, of having formed a criminal association pursuant to Article 129 of the Criminal Code, the purpose of which was to “perpetrate attacks on people related to the right-wing scene.”

On November 6, 2020, the Federal High Court upheld the arrest warrant against Lina. In a press release, it is officially stated that the prosecutor accuses Lina of embodying the “strategic leadership” of the group and of representing a “leading position” within this phantom criminal association. The Gossippara press did not hesitate to call her “the leader.”

Lina is taken to prison in these very minutes [November 6, 2020]. She has many grueling weeks ahead of her that will cost her not only her nerves but also a lot of money:

This is the solidarity fund account for Lina:

Rote Hilfe e.V. GLS-Bank Konto-Nr .: 4007 238 317 BLZ: 430 609 67 IBAN: DE55 4306 0967 4007 2383 17 BIC: GENODEM1GLS Keyword to add: unverzagt

Updates and useful information (in German) at this address:

On November 5, 2020 the attorney general decides to search three apartments of alleged anti-fascists in Leipzig, two of them in Leipzig-Connewitz. The anti-fascist Lina is immediately placed in pre-trial detention. We did not want to stand by and watch as the policemen invaded the neighborhood for the umpteenth time, breaking down our doors, devastating the apartments and, not satisfied, daring to kidnap our comrades. While one of the house searches was still in full swing, we threw stones at the car of the plainclothes cops at work. When at the entrance to the house, a hooded cop in civilian clothes and with a bulletproof vest, wanted to run to the aid of his car, we decided to dedicate the remaining stones to him, throwing them through the glass door of the entrance. It turns out that the vest protected from bullets, but not from flying stones and the asshole in uniform decided not to expose himself further.

We are sure that we have frightened them and that we have given the person affected by the repression a brief moment of joy. Obviously, the policemen hoped to find few people to welcome them so as not to attract too much attention and thus avoid the frustration already felt last time. With this, we want to make it clear to them that they cannot break into the neighborhood and enter our homes undisturbed, with the illusion of being able to carry out their job with all the calm they want. Each of their attacks will find a ready answer. But they should already be aware of this.

This arrest and these restrictive measures arouse enormous anger in us. We are therefore happy to know that in the days immediately following, the cops were attacked in various ways:


A fighting procession crosses the city: barricades and stones against the cops.


The Leipzig-Connewitz police station is attacked with stones, as are the cop cars that were passing in the area. Barricades are erected and set on fire. As the cops tried to fight their way with bulldozers, fire hydrants, several hundred men and a squadron of dogs, a small battle kept them busy.


The Leipzig-Connewitz police station is again attacked. At the Leipzig-Plagwitz police station suddenly a large “ACAB” appears in solidarity with Lina, painted by fire extinguishers loaded with bitumen and anger.

As for us, we wanted to add: we do not let any searches pass! If you know about it, understand if the people concerned need support, disturb the cops during their work. Indeed, in the best of cases: attack them! It is possible, both during and after.

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