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Financial Support to Solidarity Fund for Imprisoned and Persecuted Militants

Comrades from Greece and abroad, in March 2020 the Solidarity Fund for imprisoned and persecuted militants issued an international call for financial support. During a time of lockdown measures, public space evacuations and the general prohibition of public activities, the Solidarity Fund had been unable to further carry out its planned actions. The concerts, festivals, yearly book-fairs and similar events that comprise its main source of income have been cancelled or postponed. We were once again faced with the possibility of reducing the monthly financial support of 25 political prisoners that the Solidarity Fund had been collecting. The money we set aside had been just enough to cover the expenses for a month. Such reductions of financial aid have been present in the past. What is more, we were also challenged to avoid a worst case scenario in which we would have to completely cut off our financial support to the prisoners due to our extremely limited resources.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia. Image above: Archive image from a prison in Toronto.

However, against this impending danger, and after our address to the people of struggle, we received an empowering answer proving once again in practice that solidarity is our weapon. Dozens of individuals and collectives from Greece and Europe contacted the Solidarity Fund in order to provide material, moral and political support for the political prisoners. Such a response gave the fund the chance to secure the expenses required for the prisoners throughout the summer. Without help from these individuals and collectives, in this time of widespread economic hardship, our activities would have long been cancelled. Yet – financial matters aside – the ongoing support for the Solidarity Fund and the political prisoners signifies an important and optimistic response against the generalized attack of State and Capital forces to the social base, workers, immigrants, prisoners and people who participate in social struggles.

During the summer season – and after the lifting of the lockdown measures – the Solidarity Fund organized a number of book-fairs, while other social structures, individuals and collectives organized several events whose earnings had been donated to the Fund. In this way, the Solidarity Fund managed to come up with the resources to support the political prisoners until the end of the year. But the situation we are facing once again seems to be as unfavorable as it was during spring. Newly imposed restrictive and lockdown measures have placed the Solidarity Fund in a deadlock once again, and as a result, making it unable to carry out its public activities and host its planned events.

For this reason, finding resources to continue supporting prisoners will probably be extremely difficult once more. Facing such a future prospect, the Solidarity Fund decided to issue a call of further support to the people who have already done so, and to everyone who has been at its side for all this time. We believe that the aforementioned support and help shown during the previous months had (in addition to the decisive – in terms of our very existence and operation – financial support) also been a realization of a constant goal of ours: to be able to establish even greater contact with large parts of the anarchist-radical movement of which we are only a small part. We would like, through this second public call, to express our desire for this contact to grow into a more stable and meaningful relationship. We believe that this need does not only concern the financial issues we are facing. The sole matter of the survival and persistence of the Solidarity Fund, a structure of practical political solidarity, will be another small but important message of resistance and unity against the violent forces of coercive and capitalist barbarism that desires to ruthlessly exhibit that it is trampling us down. Until the utter demolition of each and every prison, we shall materially, morally and politically stand by political prisoners.

For the financial support of the Fund, as well as for orders for the new agenda 2021 that has just been released, contact the following email:

Solidarity Fund for Imprisoned and Persecuted Militants

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