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Images from December 5th in Paris [Video]

Paris. France. Video summary of yesterday’s reaction of the population to the “Global Security Law” and the police state, which is slowly spreading.

Originally published by Nantes Révoltée. Translated by Enough 14. Image above by @Chamaco06022283.

A demonstration, as far as the eye can see, of at least several tens of thousands of people, while the authorities only report 5,000 people without shame.

An aggressive police practice, from the very start tear gas, blasting grenades in a compact crowd, police attacks also on the union Bloc.

Barricades, fire and many clashes: The police have been repeatedly pushed back.

A very violent repression on Place de la République, with at least one serious head injury and a partially ripped off hand. Several journalists were injured.

It is the government that determines the level of violence, never the demonstrators, no matter how radical they are. It is the government that tries to choke the big wave for freedom of the people.

Footage by Julien Moreau, Louis Witter, Charles Baudry, Simon Louvet, Yazi Bouziar, Jonathan Moadab.

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