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Words and drawing of companion Mónica Caballero – Against isolation

New information and a new drawing from the imprisoned anarchist Mónica Caballero in Chile.

Originally published by Publicación Refractario. Translated by @Punex161

“Prison is the only place where power can manifest itself naturally in its most excessive dimensions and justify itself as natural power.

Michael Foucault.

As the restrictive measures taken by the state to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus are lifted, the temples of consumption are opened and the flow of trade is not interrupted. While hundreds (or perhaps thousands) fill the big stores to quench their thirst for goods, the ban is maintained within Chilean prisons so that prisoners can’t be visited by their loved ones.

The fact that the prisoners can see their friends and relatives in person is irrelevant to the economy, since the prisoners do not produce anything, i.e. they do not generate capital gains, and their ability to consume does not change when they are more or less isolated. The powerful have not taken the trouble to create the conditions for resuming visits to prisons, since it does not benefit them at all.

The coronavirus brought more and better control and isolation measures for the entire population; in the prisons there was no exception. Control and isolation are among the basic forms of prisons and is the main structure of punishment.

The prevention and care of possible Covid-19 infections seemed to many to be a solid argument for maintaining isolation, an argument that, after months of inmates not being able to hug their loved ones, is nothing more than an unjustified excess…. another form of punishment.

Isolation is never casual or arbitrary, sometimes it takes on nuances of vindictive state policy, the clearest example being the case of Mauricio Hernández Norambuena, who was held imprisoned for 17 years under the regime of extreme isolation (RDD) in the territoy dominated by the Brazilian state. In 2019 he was transferred to the maximum security prison in Santiago, although his prison conditions have “slightly improved”, he remains isolated.

Authority has multiple power relations, and if we want to destroy them, we must make them visible, understand them and attack them.

A welcoming open hand for companions, a closed fist for the enemy!

Monica Caballero Sepulveda
Anarchist prisoner
November 2020.

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