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Beyond The Dark Horizon Vol. 2: A publication of green anarchist art, poetry, stories, rants from ‘so called-Australia’

“We are in a new epoch of breakdown what will it mean to not have a horizon … to have no map of how act … to have only shifting sands to cling to and be in a world radically different than that of the last 10000+ years? What does green anarchy mean today.”

Submitted to Enough 14.

Read Beyond The Dark Horizon Volume 2 “viral edition 2020” in PDF format:

This little journal ‘Beyond the Dark Horizon’ (vol.1 and 2) has primarily been about getting to know comrades and people that seek to create and struggle togeth­er. Through the process I had the fortune of getting to know my friend Madi better. We shared late night chats, conversa­tions, enthusiastically shared pieces of art and grew our ideas and dreams togeth­er. I felt a deep affinity for Madi, she was a such a warm and imaginative person, it was impossible not be inspired by her.

For our first meeting the ‘collective’ met down at Kilcunda cliffs and in between sleet and icy winds we marvelled over the horizon and the wonders of the fierce beach. Visions, ideas, concepts, tasks, dreams, and feelings were shared between cigarettes at the pub and dashing around the sand and sandstone cliffs.

As the project came together Madi, I, all of us have undergone a slow process of rethinking what anarchist and radi­cal politics means, discussed our daily struggles, joys and at time deep despair over the virus, ecological crisis, pover­ty, injustice, freedom, and we were lucky to spend beautiful moments in shared creation. Last summer Madi, Joey, I and others partook in a social ‘anarchist snorkel gang’ a place to informally bask in the wonders of nature, geek out on fish and sea worms, get to know each other in edgy experiences where we developed and shared new skills and naturally this be­came a space of informally plotting these books. Madi was integral to the volumes, she was involved in art, written pieces, design, concepts, late night rants, it would not have been possible without her.

Madi, did such vital work within the movement, her art inspired, her heart and personality so big and warm it was irresistible, and her commitment to Indigenous elders of this land will be remembered for a long-time. We miss you Madi. Thankyou for Everything.


Read the full Beyond The Dark Horizon Volume 2 “viral edition 2020” publication in PDF format:

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