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D.i.Y.CULTURE #14 – Xmas Special – I’m dreaming of Ⓐ riot christmas

This issue (#14) of D.i.Y.Culture is dedicated to dreams of Ⓐ riot christmas.

Submitted to Enough 14.


In this bumper issue, we have reflections on the year of Covid and riots, and thoughts on the potential for all anarcho-malcontents in the year ahead. A Winter’s Tale from Ruth Kinna, Martin Wright’s version of The CrownThe Santa Delusion from Jim Donaghey, some winter fayre from our comrades in the States, New Zealand and the Philippines. Dr Mckenzie on the best vaccine for the rich, a frank Christmas message from Husker Durutti, The Santa Claus Army by Elizabeth Ginsberg and Who’s Gonna Kill Santa by Nicole Dettmar. Some musings on Virginity, Catholicism and Fairy Tales from the wonderful Gata Negra Collective in Valencia. Artwork from Bart Cooper, Mazatl, The Slow Burning Fuse and The Vegan Anarchist Girls – not to mention some tasty seasonal recipes from The Veganarchist Chef. Plus plenty more to get your teeth into and to share with friends and family.

Have a good one and see you on the streets -much love from The D.i.Y.Crew.

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