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Health, yes sir! (La salute, signorsì!)

A pamphlet by Biblioteca Anarchica Disordine on the militarization of the COVID-19 state measures in Italy.

Originally published as “La salute, signorsì!” by Biblioteca Anarchica Disordine (November 11, 2020). Translated by Act For Freedom Now!

Health, yes sir! (La salute, signorsì!)

No people will readily submit to authority, however docile they may be by nature and however accustomed they may have grown to obeying it. Therefore it requires constant coercion and compulsion, meaning police surveillance and military force.

Michail Bakunin

If it is true that language creates the world in which we live and helps to understand it, then what is being prepared is a terrible world, as terrible as a world where militarism – and consequently war – are the predominant aspects can be.

If the continuation of a state of emergency that carries on from decree to decree, and is tending to become permanent was not enough, now the government curfew has arrived.

The history of this word clearly recalls tragic scenarios, normally used in contexts of war or dictatorship; in both cases the repressive role carried out by the military is obvious. What is happening is exactly this, a repressive upsurge limiting personal freedoms in an increasingly militaristic way.

After militarizing our minds with months of propaganda, during which they bombarded us with slogans such as “we are at war” against an “invisible enemy”, now militarism is gaining ground in its most classic physical version. If it has been visibly present in the big cities for several years with the pretext of “Safe streets”, it is now materializing in all the most remote corners of the Peninsula, such as what is happening in Taurisano, province of Lecce, under the pretext of the high percentage of the population testing positive to Covid, with the very real prospect of deploying the army to prevent gatherings and control possible demonstrations in the streets. And if, as is the case of Taurisano, they present themselves in a more reassuring guise with white coats worn over brutal combat gear, this must not reassure us, but rather make us reflect on the role of science – medical but not only – and its increasingly close relation with militarism, war and repression. With its role of government, in fact, government meaning control and the submission of the population.

It is certainly not by chance that since the Covid epidemic struck Italy, Political decisions have always been subordinated to a Committee of scientists: the Comitato Tecnico Scientifico [technical scientific committee], which includes councillors of arms factories such as Leonardo – Finmeccanica among among its members. These are the same scientists who are carrying out projects of death in a vast number of Italian universities, guess what, also in ever closer contact with the army, through various collaborations.

The militarization of not just our minds and our lives but the whole of this society is becoming more and more visible therefore.

But when the life they have in store for us is militarism, therefore war, the first steps to stand up to it are desertion and resistance, so as not to be labelled collaborationists at least.

Biblioteca Anarchica Disordine, November 11, 2020.

Original version (Italian) as PDF: salut-DEF

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