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Athens: Statement by Errol, who is currently imprisoned in Petrou Ralli

Athens. Greece. Errol was arrested on December 6, 2020, during the crackdown on protests to commemorate Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Now the Greek state wants to deport Erol.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia. Image above: Cops in Exarcheia during the crackdown on December 6, 2020.

In the latest period, the state is showing an increasingly aggressiveand authoritarian face: with the creation of new police units(Drasi/Delta, black panthers) and intensifying repression with evictionof squats, antiterrorist operations, law banning demonstrations, lawfacilitating the imprisonment through fast-tracked decision, increasingthe legal period of detention of migrants to 18 months, to name just afew.

Today in the context of a ‘state of emergency’ and under the pretext of public health, the state equips itself with more efficiently repressive tools and legalises diverse types of measures and interdictions (curfew,lockdown, banning on gatherings) which until now were reserved for war situations. It also equips itself with a new type of charge, spreading the virus, enabling the arbitrary arrest of whoever it deems to be its opponent.

Yes indeed, a war is waging. A war against all those who refuse to bend their heads down. A war against all those who do not ask permission to get down to the streets and fight.

The fear is relentlessly spread on TV channels and in newspapers whichcontinue to appeal to « individual responsibility ». For their responsibles who refuse to become their own jail keepers, the repression is swift – beatings as seen in Galatsi and arrests. Just overthe last few weeks, the examples are many (Patra, Syntagma, Ambelokipi, Politechneio, Exarchia, Ioannina, etc.)

The state no longer hides the political content of these measures, it bans gatherings of more than 4 people on the whole territory for the3-day celebration of Polytechneio and for the 6th of December. Not for public health but for public order, or rather « social health ». Against the virus of resistance and insubordination.

On the 6th of December 2020, for the 12th year anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulous at the hands of cops and the insurrection that followed, 2 anarchist calls for a gathering at the memorial, at the corner of Tzavela and Messologiou streets, are broadcasted despite the ban. Hundreds of comrades tried to join the call, but the police occupied the whole neighbourhood and proceeded to arrest everyone they could catch a glimpse of, resulting in a manhunt in the small alleys of Exarchia as well as in other neighbourhoods where demonstrations are organised like in Kipseli or Virona.

Dozens and dozens of protestors are arrested and accused of « spreading the virus ». The central police department (GADA) didn’t even have space for all of those who are arrested. Therefore, some were detained in Petrou Ralli, in conditions which make ironic the charges of “spreading the virus”.

I found myself, as dozens of other comrades but also simply passers-by who had barely left their homes, detained in Gada. As for the others,there will be no court these days, and I’m free by in the eyes of the justice system. But the cops decided otherwise and have kept me detained to deport me and forbid me entry to the Greek territory until the0 9/12/2027 because I am considered « dangerous for the public order ».

They are keeping me in isolation due to corona virus and I am not allowed visits. I am determined to refuse and to resist by all means allattempts of deportation. I will not let any state or any cop take meaway from my comrades or my field of struggle. The gathering of this morning has warmed my heart. I had to leave from the window because they brought reinforcements and I had to go back into the cell. Then, an officer came to see me and told me he was at my disposal for whatever I needed. They brought me a coffee and even put me a radio that I like outside of the section so that I can listen to it. Thanks comrades.

I would like to say a few words for those whom, way before the lockdown and the emergency measures, were being denied the freedom to move asthey want. My co-detained, all of migrant backgrounds, have once been checked in the street and arrested for the only reason of not having the right papers. They have ended up locked up here for months (some have been here for 17 months) without knowing for how long they would be kept. Others have served time in prison and have been freed by the justice system, and find themselves here in Petrou Ralli or elsewhere similar simply as a revenge from the state.




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2 thoughts on “Athens: Statement by Errol, who is currently imprisoned in Petrou Ralli

  1. […] Athens: Statement by Erol, who is currently imprisoned in Petrou Ralli […]

  2. […] Athens: Statement by Erol, who is currently imprisoned in Petrou Ralli […]

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