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Police violence against refugees on Lesvos [Video]

Lesvos. Greece. December 11. 2020. Once again a video of police violence against refugees on Lesvos is going viral.

Originally published by Dunya Collective Telegram Channel. Image above by @refugeemoria2

Video of police violence against refugees on Lesbos (Friday, December 11, 2020):

“The Hellenic Police, in carrying out its work, guards and safeguards as the foremost custodian the good of security and individual and social protection against any form of violation of constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms, with high institutional, value and moral wisdom.”

This is what Michael Karamalakis, Chief of the Hellenic Police said on yesterdays Humanrightsday. The reality seems to be different:

Two young Refugees were beaten by the Greek Police today as they were on their way back to #Moria2. They where shopping at a nearby supermarket.The video was published by the Greek newspaper Efsyn. It shows how the cops kick and beat the refugees.

Additional information by Enoungh 14:

The conditions in the new Moria 2 camp continue to get worse and worse. The camp was again flooded last night, after rain and storm. (Videos in the tweets below)

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