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$hile, October-November 2020 The new issue of Confrontación is out

Chile – The new issue of Confrontación is out.

Originally published by Inferno Urbano. Translated by Act For Freedom Now!



A year after the start of the revolt that exploded in Chile on 18th October 2019, we continue to spread Confrontación .

Greeting all those who have remained active in the struggle against the established order before, during and after so-called the “social explosion”, we remain in the streets with a new printed issue.

A year has passed since 18th October and over these days we have carried anarchist rage against this oppressive system with the warmth of the moments of struggle we continue to share among comrades and occasional accomplices in solidarity, in the heat of the revolt.

We also have a vivid memory of each instance of repression and state violence on our bodies/minds and the many murdered, tortured, assaulted and maimed. To this we add the referendum of 25th October for a possible change of the Constitution, an institutional trap that doesn’t concern or represent us.

Like any moment in history, our context has its own possibilities, difficulties and challenges that form the struggle scenario. Here we want to share some reflections, questions and practical ideas to connect us with the concerns and desires of those who refuse to allow the triumph of normality imposed by Power and the democratic delusions being put on today’s agenda.


For those of us who for years have been spreading the revolt against all authority in word and deed, the struggle doesn’t pass through changes in the State apparatus. A year has already passed since a revolt that had different components and whose horizon of rupture with the established order has unfortunately remained trapped by the illusion of presumed structural changes starting from the possibility of a constitutional change, a reformist solution agreed by the political class in November 2019 faced with the impossibility of stopping the advance of a violent revolt without leaders or managers.

A wide range of sectors adhered to solutions offered by the institutions with greater or lesser diffidence towards the constituent electoral process, channelling energies and debates towards this scenario with a logic similar to the plebiscite held in 1988 for a return to democracy with peaceful means after almost a decade of mass protests and anti-dictatorial subversive actions. The plebiscite – as an experience re-conducted to the present time – was also born from the pact between dictatorship and a political class ready to guarantee social pacification and the continuity of the dominant economic and political regime.


History demonstrates that every illusion and partial change serves power if it is a question of putting a brake on the ruptures making it possible to imagine/build forms of life and action contrary to the State and authority. Historical experience gives various examples that demonstrate that those who administer the social order always try to protect their system, and if necessary are open to the possibility of reinventing pages of their very constitutions written in blood, the repression and authoritarian formulas that guarantee continuity and dependence on the State. But we won’t give them that pleasure.

Legality, state justice and institutional solutions have always tried to perpetuate the social order against which we rise in CONFLICT [CONFRONTACIÓN] with the existent. That’s why citizens’ requests for justice against police who carry out repression and the calls for the “abolition” of the police and prison institutions have no real meaning if they do not start from the destruction of power, the State and the prison society in which we live.


As they are part of current events, we know that surveillance and repression are literally around the corner. We know that the pandemic has not only brought about a social-economic and health crisis, a result of the obvious state option to protect the business model – an option that is nothing new – but we have also seen how it has increased the installation of cameras, the use of drones and the normalization of everyday life marked by military presence, curfew, technological monitoring of movements and restrictions of movement.

We also know what the comrades in prison who are keeping the flame of revolt alive think, feel and experience, comrades whom we will not leave to their fate in the cages of power. For all this, we know the importance of taking care of ourselves and knowing each other better, of sharpening our practices and ideas, of knowing the enemy more and more and how its repression functions, not in order to stop and denounce injustices, on the contrary to continue to fight in spite of the sophistication of social control.


Our struggle has nothing to do with making the State a more sensitive and inclusive enemy. Wherever they appear, laws are not only instruments for repression and social pacification. Freedom is not to be found in the cages of authority and for this anarchist insurrection sweeps away all ideas to improve prisons or take power.

That’s why from this space – one of the many – we are calling for encounters with other individuals in the struggle without putting our anarchist/antiauthoritarian stance in question, and we are also calling for the strengthening of the links of communion and complicity with our affinity ones, taking distance from all authoritarian and leftist influences that try to exploit our destructive/ constructive passion.

Because only in the attack on domination, the destruction of all forms of power and the spreading of relations free from authority, have we found real freedom. The agitation and violence of revolt are not “steps” intended to put pressure on and improve the State, but a permanent offensive against all forms of power and authority.

With agitation and multiform action, we are still in CONFRONTACIÓN.

$hile, October-November 2020


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