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Amsterdam: Full video of the arrest of anarchist Abtin Parsa

Amsterdam. Netherlands. Full video of the arrest of anarchist Abtin Parsa along with two other anarchist comrades who protested to the police in solidarity with him and were arrested.

Submitted to Enough 14.

Anarchist comrade Abtin Parsa illegally entered the main building of the Dutch Immigration Office in Amsterdam (IND) and threw political texts in the building, chanting the slogan “Legal documents for all immigrants”; After political interference in the building of the Dutch Immigration Office, as well as demonstrations in front of the building along with more than 20 other comrades, the anarchist comrade Abtin Parsa was pursued in the streets by the police, who was finally arrested under siege. At the time of his arrest, the anarchist Abtin Parsa resisted and addressed the Dutch police and regime with political slogans. The meanings of the slogans: “Solidarity is the weapon of the people”, “Police, television and neo-Nazis, all bastards work together”.

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