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Lockdown in France: Let’s blow up the containment vessel

In this issue of Sunzi Bingfa you will find have several articles on New Year’s Eve 2020, it is quite obvious that the attempts to stop all public gatherings that night are primarily about counterinsurgency and not about protecting health.

The fear that the pressure in the boiler has become so high after almost a year of worldwide state of emergency that it will discharge with all its power is too deep-seated. In France, the ban on public gatherings after 8 p.m. has now been officially extended to New Year’s Eve. For years, New Year’s Eve has belonged to the youth of the suburbs and working-class neighborhoods; year after year, around 1,000 cars are torched during this night, and the French authorities have not published exact figures for several years for reasons. Just as the recent militant demonstrations against the New Security Law, which among other things prohibits the documentation of police violence, were also a revolt against the permanence of the state of emergency, the frustration and anger will also be unleashed at New Year’s Eve. A translation of a piece by companions from Nantes to break the night curfews, not only on New Year’s Eve. Sunzi Bingfa

Originally published by Nantes Révoltée. Introduction by Sunzi Bingfa. Translated by Enough 14.

The authoritarian regime which is in power in France imposes a curfew from 8 p.m. starting Tuesday (today, Enough 14) and bans all New Year’s Eve celebrations. There is no longer the slightest doubt: the decision to impose a curfew is not to protect health. Work, consumption and and all degrading activities are still allowed, but vital relationships are reduced to a minimum. For months we have been experiencing the suspension of all our freedoms under an indefinite health emergency… How far will the government go to control our lives and behavior?

Public space is reserved for work and consumption. We are witnessing an extremely violent process of destroying the very idea of social life. Meetings, discussions, parties, all this is now to be transferred to the virtual space of digital society. What a tragedy! And what a world. A world in which people no longer have the freedom to arbitrarily choose a different path at a meeting, a party, a discussion than the one dictated to them by the state or the giants of the internet?

With bitterness and concern we observe a veritable epidemic of depression, the sole cause of which is the generalized house arrest by a state power that, with the help of laws and police repression, has become the prison warden of an entire population.

For 5 years, we are living under a permanent state of emergency that protects us neither from terrorism nor from epidemics. After all, who can still believe that these rulers care about our well-being? Not a single day goes by without new police violence coming to our attention. Not a week goes by without a new scandal breaking over the government and its own ruling elite.

We have experienced months of imprisonment, but there has been no truce: workers exposed to the risk of contagion, violation of the labor law, police violence, relaxation of ecological regulations, huge gifts to multinational corporations, not to mention the global security law. While we remain at home, unable to organize collectively because we are subjected to “social distance,” the capitalists are preparing the world of tomorrow.

And these are the same people who today declare to subject us to a curfew that would make the slightest nocturnal escapade dangerous, even fatal, if we are unlucky enough to encounter a police patrol!

Because that is what we are promised: Cities under police protection from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., cold, empty cities where frightened residents are walled in and the dominators walk around in uniforms.

We are insouled by the desire to live, to laugh, to share, and we are ready to fight so that our world does not become the hell they design for us. That’s how urgent it is today!

We call all to organize among friends, companions, neighbors, to make the heart of our cities beat as soon as night falls. Let’s meet everywhere, in the streets of every city and village on the first night of curfew: public gatherings, pot and pan concerts, huge aperitifs, music, free parties, occupation of squares or roundabouts, clandestine bars, petanque tournaments… and let their surveillance system burst at the seams everywhere. We want everything, because our appetite for life is at least as strong as their desire to control everything. A few suggestions starting from December 15:

  • Nocturnal actions
  • Collective disobedience
  • Wild parties
  • A self-determined New Year’s Eve

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3 thoughts on “Lockdown in France: Let’s blow up the containment vessel

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  2. […] Lockdown in France: Let’s blow up the containment vessel […]

  3. […] Lockdown in France: Let’s blow up the containment vessel […]

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