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Report on recent car attack on anti-ICE demonstration near Manhattan’s Times Square in NYC

New York City. On December 11, 2020, folks gathered near Manhattan’s Times Square in New York City to show solidarity with ICE detainees in New Jersey who have been on hunger strike for nearly a month. Around 4pm, a fascist drove directly into the crowd, mowing down pedestrians and bicyclists. At least six comrades were injured.

Originally published by Its Going Down.

This tactic is becoming increasingly prevalent among U.S. State and non-State fascist actors alike. Perhaps the most infamous of these incidents occurred in August 2017, when a white supremacist ran into Heather Heyer as she and others confronted a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, VA, killing her; however, 2020 has seen a sharp increase in the frequency of such attacks. In May, two police vehicles drove into a crowd of protestors in Brooklyn, NY, who were responding to the murder of George Floyd. The following month, in June, a white supremacist struck at least one person on the Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, during another rally for George Floyd. In July 2020, yet another fascist thug mowed down demonstrators on bicycles in Midtown, Manhattan, who were rising up against police brutality, injuring at least one person. Finally, in September, a racist goon drove into a crowd of Black Lives Matter protestors in Times Square, Manhattan.

Thus, what happened yesterday marks the fifth vehicular attack by fascist actors against people of color and our allies this year— that we know of.

The State’s tacit support of these efforts could hardly be more blatant. Uniformed or not, these thugs are unequivocally their people. The State’s sanctioning of these attacks is evident not only in its deafening silence but also in its direct participation, such as the incident in May 2020; and its choice of targets for persecution, such as the extrajudicial killing of Michael Reinoehl— an anti-fascist comrade who defended himself and a friend of color against an attacker— on September 3, 2020.

The need for revolution in the United States is obvious, and more and more people are now taking up the cause. We will not stand idly by and watch our comrades be beaten, degraded, mowed down, or locked up any longer. Revolutionary anarchists stand in solidarity with all oppressed people, and we will keep fighting until white supremacy is reduced to ashes.

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