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EΣE, Greece: Call on all anarcho-syndicalist organizations in Europe and around the world to join the struggle to close all camps and so-called reception centers

A call by the Greek Free Syndicalist Union (EΣE · Greece Eλευθεριακή Συνδικαλιστική Ενωση-Αθήνας) to close all camps and so-called reception centers.

Originally published by International Confedration of Labor.

We will celebrate the most beautiful feast on the ruins of the 21st century’s greatest hell

We have to call matters by their name: the so-called refugee and immigrant reception centers in Greece are places of torment and barbarity. People are penned up here in miserable conditions. The food is uneatable, hygiene and cleanliness are impossible, and there are no doctors or medicine. The police beat (sometimes to death), torture and mock the residents every day. The hell of Moria, which was illuminated for a short moment by the flames that burned the camp, is only one of many such places of misery scattered around the Greek territory where human life has no value.

Regardless of whether they came to Greece as immigrants or refugees, the people who move between the camps and reception centers and our communities are the same people who work for scraps without insurance in the fields and in construction, as cleaners and in other similar jobs. They are part of the global multiethnic working class who are under constant attack. Europe’s labor movement and unions are obliged to make the closure of these camps a priority. Capitalism and states unleash wars with ever-growing profits for the bosses in mind, and then use laws to curtail the free movement and in this way criminalize refugees from these war zones. The undocumented migrants and refugees who manage to reach the West are exploited as cheap labor without rights and confined in wretched reception centers and camps. The European Union finances this modern day hell on earth and at the same time creates the legal basis for confining refugees in Greece.

Since the pandemic began, the Greek state has been targeting the immigrants inside and outside the reception centers, accusing them of importing and spreading the virus. The government confines the refugees to the reception centers where there is no protection from infection and no access to medical care. Since the extension of quarantine measures in October, these formerly open centers have been locked down becoming de facto prisons. The martial law under which the refugees have been living has thus been expanded by the legalization of their detention in these places of misery. From the new Moria that is being built in Kara Tepe (Lesbos) to the Amigdaleza camp, and the Eleona and Petroy Ralli districts in Athens, we have to fight for closure of all camps, whether they are open or locked down. It’s an obligation to ourselves, our class and humanity.

We call on all anarcho-syndicalist organizations in Europe and around the world to join the struggle to close all camps and so-called reception centers. Inform the workers in your country about this modern-day crime against humanity and organize events and demonstrations. Let us begin discussions about coordinating a global day of action against the camps. Let us fight against wars and racism until we shut down every last on of these hells.

For a new world of freedom, equality and solidarity!

The boat is not full!

Shut down all camps!

EΣE · Greece
Eλευθεριακή Συνδικαλιστική Ενωση-Αθήνας

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