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Report on 13.12.2020 in Leipzig-Connewitz – “Fight Against the Fascists in Uniform”

Leipzig. Germany. What follows are our impressions of the “Fight Against the Fascists in Uniform” event. We do not claim a single truth or perfection. This piece can also be seen as an attempt to politically assess the events.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

As expected, the cops began to lay siege to the neighborhood at an early stage. Rarely has such a huge deployment been perceived in the neighborhood. It should be made clear fast that a demonstration is not tolerated and is to be prevented with all means. For this purpose, everything was brought in that was available: a helicopter, four water cannons, armored clearing vehicles, horse and dog squads, and various riot squads for a stationary gathering with 300 participants. The police state saw itself challenged and reacted accordingly.

The manifestation started at 6 p.m. with critical contributions. In the course of it, attention was drawn to racism and far-right networks within the police, police violence, deaths in custody and many other “individual cases”. The minimum distances were kept as far as possible, and everybody wore mouth and nose coverings. Around 7 p.m., a militant spontaneous demonstration broke away from the stationary gathering and moved towards Connewitzer Kreuz. Pyrotechnics were ignited and cops were attacked with bottles. However, they had to turn back after a short time, due to a large number of cops approaching.

Shortly after that, the cops stormed into the stationary gathering, which was still in progress, randomly beating people and rounding up groups indiscriminately. In the process, many were crammed together in a very limited space. In total, 114 identity checks were carried out that evening. Journalists were prevented from doing their work; one video shows a cop trying to prevent the press from recording a video of an arrest. During a speech pointing out the connections between neo-nazis from Leipzig and Leipzig cops and their common hatred of leftists, the speaker was arrested and temporarily taken into custody. Apparently, the cops couldn’t stand it being rubbed in their noses that there was probably “one or two Nazi pigs” among them. It seems that salt has been rubbed into the wound. Their reaction to the event was like that of a shot wild boar.

The Corona situation is likely to please those who secretly or half-openly wear a swastika under their uniform. Partial restrictions on fundamental rights, such as the assembly ban, with simultaneously extended powers for the police, such as blanket and arbitrary controls. The Corona measures do not affect everyone equally, as inequality and injustice are the norm. In a crisis, it hits the weak even harder. The cops’ measures also do not affect everyone equally. Controls on marginalized groups, such as PoC’s, refugees and people with a migration background, including in particular young people, continue to be stepped up. Again and again, the rage about the increasing controls and harassment is unleashed. What the bourgeois press denigrates as senseless violence by party youths, we see as acts of young people collectively rebelling against state power. A lack of perspective, poverty and the constant racist controls by the cops are taking on a dimension that is no longer acceptable and will not be tolerated. We are in solidarity with these young people and hope that one day we will be able to attack the cops together.

As for the ban on demonstrations, we have no other choice than to resist it. The attempt to move was right and a strong sign of revolt in the face of an overwhelming police presence. We do not see why stationary gatherings are allowed to take place, but moving demonstrations are not. On the condition that the demonstration pays attention to keep distances and the obligation to wear masks. A complete ban on demonstrations should not be considered at any time. Even in times of crisis, when there are many deaths from a virus, there must be the possibility to assemble. Especially in times of crisis, when the unjust distribution of wealth and goods becomes more noticeable and rage grows. It is precisely in these times that we must insist on the right to be angry and take to the streets. Especially when further rights are to be restricted, such as the EU’s proposed ban on encryption of Telegram, Whats App and Co. Let’s have a look at France, where the government is trying to exploit the Corona situation and wants to push through a new security law. People are revolting, assembling and attacking the cops in particular. This is right because they are the ones who maintain the injustices of society by force. They are friends and helpers – as the Nazis propagandistically said – of the capitalists and the powerful. The very people who privatize hospitals and nursing homes, cut jobs and own the properties. They are to blame for the misery and partly also for the deaths of the pandemic. Let’s make them accountable for it.

We see each other furiously on the street again!

If you were checked or arrested that day: Contact the Rote Hilfe (Red Aid)!

Leipzig, Germany: Police attacked gathering on 13.12., stewards severely injured, 114 identity checks carried out

Indymedia report 2. Translated by Enough 14.

On the evening of 13.12.2020 (ACAB day, Enough 14) a gathering took place in Leipzig-Connewitz on Herderstraße corner Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße under the theme “Exposing far right actors in the police, intelligence services and
judiciary” took place.

After the reports about discovered “individual cases” of far-right and right-wing terrorist networks with the participation of members of the security forces, there have also been reports in Leipzig: Brian E. was convicted for the attack on Connewitz on 11.01.2016 and was nevertheless able to complete his traineeship as a lawyer at the Chemnitz Regional Court unchallenged. Among the members of the right-wing extremist fraternity “Germania” is also the judge at the Regional Court of Leipzig and former state prosecutor Axel K. And last but not least, the court cases on the riots on New Year’s Eve 2019/20 at the Connewitzer Kreuz once again highlighted the connections of officers of the Leipzig riot police to the far-right scene, including Felix P., Florian S. And Ronny G. The Solidarity Committee 31.12. reported.

Even before the stationary gathering started, the police were present with a large force. In addition to four water cannons and a horse squad, the evidence and arrest unit of the federal police (BFE) was also present. At the beginning, the security forces kept distance. The gathering started with various speeches on racism and far-right networks in the police, also the continuity of unsolved deaths in police custody was thematized. The participants made sure that the minimum distance was kept and wore mouth and nose protection to protect against infections.

After a small group suddenly started to move out of the stationary gathering as a spontaneous demonstration in the direction of Connewitzer Kreuz, the police officers abruptly and brutally intervened. The action of the police seemed uncoordinated and took place with the use of massive physical force, especially the orange platoon of the BFE of the Federal Police was notable. The remaining staionary gathering was tied up, several participants and stewards were abruptly beaten, kicked or brought to the ground and in some cases severely injured. The reader of a speech was arrested, his lawyer was threatened with criminal proceedings. “I asked the officers several times to withdraw from the area of the gathering – this was unsuccessful,” said the person who registered the gathering. “It was obviously not about law enforcement here, but about making a left-wing gathering that criticizes the police effectively impossible.” Members of the press were also targeted. The police retreated only after they had either driven away almost all participants or taken them to the kettles in the adjacent streets. In order to legitimize their brutal actions, the police declared that they were investigating breach of the peace, among other things, and carried out 114 identity checks in the course of the evening.

The actions of the police are part of a chain of unsolved operations, most recently the kettles against left-wing activists on 21.11. and 29.11.2020, or also the operation on last New Year’s Eve at the Connewitzer Kreuz.

We thank all participants, stewards and press representatives for their presence and wish the injured people among them a speedy recovery!

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