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Athens: Comrade Errol deported to France

Athens. Greece. Comrade Errol was abducted by the Greek police early this morning, Saturday 19/12/2020, from his isolation cell in Amygdaleza detention camp. They put him in a prisoner transfer van, handcuffed, with the excuse that they were supposedly taking him to a hospital for a Covid-19 test in order to terminate his isolation.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

Instead, they took him straight to the airport where anti-terrorist cops, in black full-faced uniforms carrying automatic guns, violently escorted him into the plane, additionally tying his feet. Before and during the flight he resisted as much as he could.

Neither his lawyer or relatives had been informed about this deportation-abduction.

Civil cops specialised in expulsion traveled with him in a regular Aegean airline flight and handed him over to the French airport police once the plane landed in Paris. In France, the airport cops questioned him but he remained silent. They told him they had never seen such a procedure, with no lawyers or relatives informed, even for terrorist cases.

The comrade showed active resistance for th whole duration of his abduction denouncing the state violence.

PS. New updates will be shared by him through telephone.



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3 thoughts on “Athens: Comrade Errol deported to France

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