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Solidarity from Bure, La Zad du Carnet and west of france: Solidarity with Dannenrod Forest Occupation

Dannenrod. Germany. The tree houses were evicted, the cops needed two months for the eviction but the resistance against the A49 highway is far from over. The protest camp is still there and people continue to resist. What follows are 3 solidarity statements from France.

Orginally published by Wald Statt Asphalt. Second statement translated by Enough 14.

Video from Dannenrod forest with English subs

Here are the solidarity fotos and text in response with the call for solidarity in french that you can find here

The first one is from Bure, the occupation against nuclear installation in Eastern France:

Solidarity with Danni’s occupation!

Since more than a year, Danni forest (Germany) is occupied. The compagny Deges wants to make the A49 longer, passing through Danni forest. They have already cut 85 hectare of forest and since a month the eviction of the forest is going on, with consequences such as people felling from high, being injured, arrested, jailed, isolated for refusing to give identity.

We are answering to the call out for solidarity, read on nantes indymedia:

A banner have been put up in the the Bois Lejuc, in one of the trees occupied in july 2019 (more info : Despite a special law forbidding acces to the forest and the surveillance, we will continue to happily wander in the forest, and even more.

Thanks for your amazing occupation and resistance !

Strength to you!

The second one is from the Zad du Carnet, an occupation against a industrial zone in the Western France:

United in international struggle – We stand in solidarity with comrades in the Dannenrod Forest. When police violence and state repression try to take away our future and freedom, we get stronger in common resistance.

We will not stop until the chains of the capitalist system are broken and the factories of their destructive politics are shut down!

We have been following your struggle every day; it has motivated and strengthened us to continue.

Danni stay strong!

Our resistance has just begun

ZAD du Carnet

PS. send us beer

Solidarity banner in Bure, France

And the last solidarity text and foto is from people of the west of France :

” We are writing to you from the western part of france, in solidarity with your struggle that is also ours.
We are sending this so you know that despite the distance that separate
us, we are with you.

State repression won’t keep us from fighting ! “

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