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Nucleo Comunista Internazionalista: United States of America on the volcano’s edge

Nucleo Comunista Internazionalista (Italy) with a statement on the “Trump-Biden battle”. Also a little note about the “silence” on the matter by black organizations and militias. They have send us a machine translation.

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United States of America on the volcano’s edge



From the vote of November 3 to the official investiture on December 14, the handover between Trump and the “winning” Biden/Harris tandem is proving to be very bumpy, given the unexpected ability to resist giving up the bone shown by the “defeated” Trump. The passage is even still open to “unthinkable” turns.

Trump claims that even the souls of the dead have been mobilized, all to vote against him, and he has tasked the hound Rudolph Giuliani with proving it before the courts. He won’t get a spider out of the hole but legal guerrilla warfare is useful to him as a means of pressure to negotiate terms and raise the price of political transition in a fierce struggle for power that is anything but just electoral and just American. “Decisive for the destiny of the world” was said (by Mr. Soros, interpreter of a “globalist” power that has thrown all its force for the change of management) at the annual syncenium of the world bourgeoisie gathered in Davos in January 2020. Around it were summoned, if not the souls of the dead, certainly the forces of the living and the combatants of which, for all, it is worth emphasizing the “greeting” of Al Fatah-Iraq to the new administration. Lapidary: “Trump and Biden are two sides of the same coin“! We endorse the judgment – the war salute – expressed by these tempers forged at the fire of a stoic struggle against imperialist democracy of which both the “sovereign-patriotic” and the “globalist” fractions of the American (and Western) bourgeoisie are the horns that contend for the management of power. Horns of the same beast.

One half or almost half of Americans consider themselves, rightly or wrongly, defrauded by the electoral tricks, cleverly galvanized and mobilized by the “defeated” Trump. If this part of the population were to get angry, let’s say, “in the American way”, that is, guns in hand, going beyond the solicitations and limits imposed by Trump, the inauguration-incoronation of January 20, 2021 of the Biden/Harris tandem would blow up. And a formidable shock would shake the world.

On the other hand, the democratic harpy Hillary Clinton had made it clear in due time that under no circumstances would her power bloc, that is, the world of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, the bulk of Corporate America and Wall Street, tolerate a continuation of Trump at the helm of the country and thus at the helm of the entire “free world”. As in no case would that part of America tolerate it whose degree of social suffering, exasperation and anger emerged in the fire of the squares ignited by the spark sparked by the assassination of George Floyd.

It is difficult to think that in the trial of strength that pits two fractions of the American (and Western) bourgeoisie against each other, things will be allowed to reach a catastrophic breaking point for the pivotal power and bulwark of world capitalism, within which millions of without-reserves are struggling with the problem of hunger (hunger!) as the cover of the New York Times Magazine of September 6 attests. In any case, a profound trauma has occurred, and we will say so below because a big trouble, if not immediate, is looming around the corner for the system of power both in the United States and in the entire “free and democratic” West.

The “opposites” can shake hands and must do so, or else there will be a catastrophic rupture.

From the trial of strength where neither one nor the other of the two bourgeois fractions manages to prevail clearly, a result emerges, a push for political “synthesis” between the two “opposite” political poles that are not at all irreconcilable since they express the interests of the same class. The patriot-Trump, champion of the sovereignists of all stripes, can very well shake hands, that is, find a political agreement even with the super-globalist Soros, the black beast of the same. Black bourgeois-beasts and green, pink and rainbow bourgeois-beasts can and do go hand in hand when, for example, it comes to equipping the great “anti-totalitarian” crusade that the United States as the leading country of the “free world” is preparing to launch. Both “opposing” camps are indeed patriotic, meaning that for both the defense and fortification of the American nation-state is imperative. Even for the “globalists”, even for the world of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism this is an unavoidable requirement.

There is no “super-capitalism” in which very small elites can exercise their power, i.e. plan the production, management and distribution of surplus-value squeezed by wage labor on a world scale, as if suspended in the air or rather hidden in the darkness “somewhere”. This representation (a cover for the counter-revolutionary political agitation whereby, for example, the United States itself would be… a country under “foreign occupation” (!) or rather occupied by the circles of a “cosmopolitan” and stateless power) is a caricature of the real and inexorable process of fierce concentration of capitalist force that overwhelms and expropriates small capital and small properties, tearing up protections and “national” rents from which the middle classes and the same proletariat of the imperialist countries have been able to benefit for a long historical period. On the contrary, there exists in reality, together with the process of fierce concentration, the fierce competition between monstrous blocs of concentrated capitalist force that contend for every drop of squeezed surplus value, every slice of land and power in a struggle that involves the entire globe. The whole valley of tears as Christ defined this world today all bourgeois and capitalist. The “globalist” oligarchies, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism who have “voted” en masse for the Biden/Harris tandem cannot disregard but instead depend on the existence of a Nerve Center and an armed garrison of their global power. The struggle between the two fractions of the American (and Western) bourgeoisie revolves around the best methods for preserving and strengthening the power of the central armed garrison, the United States of America, which is as much a nerve center for the winning “globalist” fraction (Biden/Harris) as it is for the sovereign-imperialist fraction (Trump), defeated by the trial of strength but able to gather and mobilize the vast social and popular malaise aroused by the fierce real process mentioned above.

On closer inspection, the political “synthesis” between the “opposite” fractions, both custodians of the bourgeois law and order (from which obviously none of the “opposites” can disregard, even when the liberal-progressive fraction negotiates with Black Lives Matter the conditions for a so-called “defund police”), has already been achieved in the field, in the management of the acute phase of the social uprising triggered by the assassination of George Floyd. The interplay between the good cop (dove Biden) and the bad cop (hawk Trump) in the face of the eruption of proletarian violence, has led to a policy of containment and controlled repression (and targeted, see the ruthless execution of the militant antifa Michael Forest Reinoehl) that has been careful not to respond with lead to the barbaric proletarian wave of looting and devastation of offices and symbols of power. The danger for the entire bourgeoisie was (and is) that resorting to a “hard” repression (like the one used to tame the other riots) will fuel and unleash a proletarian fury that is uncontrollable without resorting to bloodshed.

When Pentagon chief Mark Esper disregards Trump’s order to mobilize the military to tame the riot, it obeys a more lucid overall political-military assessment. The William Barr, U.S. Attorney General loyal to Trump who in the name of the American state claimed Michael’s execution (“…I applaud the extraordinary collaboration between federal, state and local law enforcement…the streets of our cities are safer with this violent agitator removed“: ed. ) is the same Willam Barr who betrayed Trump by not endorsing his legal guerrilla war on voter fraud and therefore torpedoed on the spot like General Esper and a host of other “traitors.” “Traitors” of an adventurist political line (and at the same time impotent in “foreign policy”) that if not rectified in time brings the United States one step away from catastrophe, from civil war. Traitors of Trump but always faithful servants of the American State, at the disposal of a “synthesis” policy that must pass, willingly or unwillingly, through a more or less disguised “national salvation” agreement between the two “opposing” fractions, once Trump’s scalp has been obtained.

The necessary political and social recomposition that the two “opposites” must somehow achieve on pain of catastrophe (for America and therefore for the whole “free world”) is, however, possible only through an extraordinary mobilization of resources to appease the proletarian hunger inside America, to say a broad “reformist” plan and social concessions without which no law and order can hold. But… But, we always turn there, such an extraordinary mobilization for something resembling a new New Deal is only possible if America is able to rake in resources and wealth on a global scale, verifying and proving its imperialist power on the ground. As Trump has not demonstrated. In short, America urgently needs to put in place a shred of concrete social reformism internally, but to do so it must strike a blow on the external-imperialist level. This is the fundamental matter of the political agenda that transpires and that must be carried out by the new administration.

An agenda on which the “defeated” Trump can inscribe his mortgages on the continuous path of imperialist strategy. The one with the highest potential is perhaps represented by the march at a rapid pace impressed on the “Abrahamic agreements”, a plot that after the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan now involves the Saudi royal house, custodian of the two sacred Mosques of Islam, on the way to the “normalization” of relations with Israel. Here, the imperialism of the sovereignist Trump and, in continuity, of the globalist Biden/Harris tandem weaves its warp very close to the sacred flame. Close to the misstep that can set it ablaze in a terrifying fire, especially for all of us in the West. The missile attack he suffered on January 8, 2020 was just a mosquito bite.

Two Presidents, two Centers, two Popes

Let us dwell again on the discourse of the “opposites”, of the bourgeois poles at the antipodes that can and must, willingly or unwillingly, find a “synthesis” a convergence in the name of the supreme anti-proletarian and counter-revolutionary interest. Giving the word to a priest, to an American cardinal, incarnation of one of the antipodes.

The extent of the “electoral” clash in which the movement of immense historical forces of peoples, states, races and classes is reflected under the lash of the ongoing capitalist catastrophe has dragged and fully involved in the struggle, and it could not be otherwise, another leading institution of this world, of this bourgeois and capitalist valley of tears, namely the Church of Rome, the Center of Catholic universalism. A Center of power of this world that however does not coincide, is not symmetrical to that of white-western and Christian capitalism. Two Popes coexist in Rome, with increasing difficulty. They represent and compete for “souls”, that is, the political leadership of the earthly interests of millions and millions of proletarians in an area much larger than the white-western one. Just as two Presidents in America, to say two bourgeois fractions, contend for the leadership of “the free world”. The parallel does not seem to be out of place and above all it does not concern us since precisely millions of proletarians find refuge, sense of things and orientation in the present damned bourgeois bedlam under the insignia of both Popes of Rome and not only behind those of the “progressive” Jesuit Bergoglio.

The Catholic “traditionalist” wing has decisively and with united feet entered the struggle through the letters that its current head-kamikaze Monsignor Viganò addressed to Trump as champion-patriot defender of the “authentic Christian values” on which the West is founded i.e. the material interests of white-Western imperialism. A clear and sharp pronouncement, a clear and sharp call for the gathering… “of the white-western souls” unlike the slimy speech… “internationalist” of Pope Bergoglio. This pope comes to question private property when in contrast “with the common good” (read: general interest of the Moloch-Capital, so far in perfect continuity with the classical social doctrine of the Catholic Church: just wage-just profit! ) he criticizes the blind race for profit and the consequent social, human and environmental sacrifices, going along with, as a slimy Jesuit, both the leftist fair-trade people and the super-managers of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism received and revered with pomp and circumstance at the Vatican.

The schism towards which the Church of Rome is moving will undoubtedly be an event of exceptional historical importance but not such as to compromise the foundations of world capitalism; on the contrary, the collapse and collapse of the American Center means the collapse and collapse of the entire system. But back to us and let us finally give the floor to Cardinal Raymond Burke of Wisconsin:

“…in order to gain economic advantages, we as a nation have allowed ourselves to become dependent on the Chinese Communist Party, the bearer of an ideology totally opposed to the Christian foundations on which families and our nation remain safe and prosper.

Get the hint, or not? In order to “stay safe and prosper” America must “break free” from that “satanic” addiction. Eh! yes, we must prepare to “liberate the Chinese” (the Iranians, the Syrians, the Venezuelans etc. etc.). The priest misses the small detail of where to find another factory of surplus value to draw on comparable to that run by the CCP. Not only to him actually. But economics is not his trade. His job is to prepare “souls” for the crusade “for freedom”, to prepare the conditions for the imperialist war. Whichever way you look at it, it remains that the bone (capitalist and bourgeois)-China is hard to gnaw on for this toothless America that, with Trump, has not even managed to install anywhere in its backyard-planet earth any Guaido. All that aside, question: around the strategic objective so admirably identified by the “traditionalist” and unabashedly pro-Trump preacher, can’t a “synthesis”, a convergence with the “opposite” pole of Biden/Harris, perhaps be found? On our behalf, yes!

Passing to the other side of the fence, that is to say to the side of the proletarian Revolution, the only effective field diametrically opposed and irreconcilable with that of the beasts and patriot priests or painted in green and rainbow colors, it is therefore an urgent commitment of political struggle, we say especially to the American comrades who read us, to come to terms to the end with the so-called “antagonists” such as Joshua Wong of Hong Kong and similar prostitutes who swarm out of the “free world” and anxiously wait to be freed. All the better if by the work of democratic snakes à la Obama, not for nothing awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

For American comrades: which in no way means “being on the side” of any capitalist power bloc competing with the United States, and we won’t be here repeating the whys and wherefores (see HERE).

Preparing the “anti-totalitarian” crusade, preparing the conditions for imperialist warfare

The democratic snake Obama tells us that they are clashing “two opposite visions of what America is and what it should be” adding also that the good of America “is not the exclusive good of future generations of Americans but applies to the whole of humanity“. (Corriere della Sera 15/11) Other than the crude, “exclusive”, “isolationist” vision of Trump and his people!

We have said what we think of these “two opposing visions” and how, in our opinion, even the bourgeois Soros-Monsignor Viganò can shake hands. Among other things (we almost forgot), take a look at the intervention of the philanthropist and patron of the Open Society (an authentic pestilence from which we must immunize ourselves) at the usual syncendium in Davos, this time in January 2019: the evil to be eradicated is precisely identified in Russian and Chinese “totalitarianism”. It is the bourgeois and capitalist power of Russia and China that needs to be cracked and hit.

For the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, for Corporate America and for Wall Street, the reckoning (in order to get the accounts back in the red, even if they are more rigged than the electoral ones) with the two great competing blocks of power must be prepared, and the wide-ranging maneuver of preparation can also pass very well through policies of “agreements” and transitional “collaborations”. As the 1939-45 showdown passed through the “peace agreements” of Munich ’38 and … of Moscow/Berlin August ’39.

Let’s follow the thread of time. Yesterday, post 1929 collapse: a fierce struggle opposed “the vision” of the “isolationist” America to that of the “socialist” Roosevelt. But this opposition unraveled in view of the great enterprise, the great bargain that brought the entire bourgeoisie into agreement, that is, participation in the imperialist war. The “socialist” Roosevelt carried out perfectly the task of preparing the masses for the culminating event of bourgeois civilization. Today: a fierce struggle opposes the “visions” of the two bourgeois power blocs – “patriotic-isolationist” vs. “liberal-globalist” – which, as we said, going to the bottom of things, are divided on the conditions of preparation for the imperialist war towards which world capitalism is moving, but can and, in our opinion, must find a synthesis.

Different methods, alliances, calculation of preparation time. Obama, before sowing death and destruction in the Arab-Islamic world from Libya to Syria to Afghanistan etc. (continuing the work of his “opposite” Bush) has “wisely” prepared the conditions for such sowing. (continuing the work of his “opposite” Bush) has “wisely” prepared the conditions for such sowing. One thinks of the “historic” speech he gave at Cairo University in 2009 in which the democratic snake dared to present “his America” as a force for the liberation of oppressed peoples, something that a Trump or any other crude patriot-imperialist finds much more difficult.

The two power blocs (and…the two Popes of Rome) divide and spar around the best methods to consolidate a class power about which there is no discussion or vote.

For both, law and order and the commandment of the almighty God-Dollar, the almighty dollar as they say, apply as commandment. The “patriotic-isolationist” fraction of the Trump barker claims that America should and can “only” look after its national affairs and the “welfare of its people” as a priority, claims that it can close the “chapter” of the endless wars opened by its predecessors, incessant makers of wars and at the same time recipients of… Nobel Peace Prizes. It happens, however, that the so-called “own affairs” of America are, necessarily, the affairs of the whole world, and that the so-called “welfare of the people” depends not only on the “interference”, armed or not, in every corner of the world, but on the (imperialist) success of the same. And here the accounts do not add up.

Preparing the Proletarian Revolution

For the forces antagonistic to bourgeois power, the opposite is true. So that, for example, the struggle for the defund police, if it doesn’t want to be an imposture, a deception, an embellishment of the system of oppression (which leads to an unsustainable situation for the oppressed communities themselves if it doesn’t mean the implementation of a counter-power and a proletarian order following the example of the Black Panther) must be combined with the struggle for the “defund U.S. world police”, that is, the gendarme who stands guard in every corner of the world in defense of oppression and imperialist exploitation. This gendarme is all the more odious because he masquerades as a defender of “freedom”, of “human rights”, even of “internationalism” (as we heard on a television channel owned by Mr. Murdoch), etc., etc., a disguise in which the Obama-Clinton-Harris are insidious specialists, much more so than the “opposite” Bush group and the “isolationist” Trump.

But from this ear the Patrisse Cullors, founder and leader of Black Lives Matter very quick to congratulate the Biden/Harris tandem, can‘t hear us. When it comes to concrete anti-imperialist commitment (troops out of Iraq, out of Syria, out of… the whole world; denouncing prostitutes to imperialist democracy in Hong Kong and so on…) these leaders have earplugs in their ears. And Open Society Foundation checks in their pockets (in those of the BLM organization, of course).

The valiant minorities of comrades who have not congratulated the “winning” tandem at all, but on the contrary have had the great political merit and the courage to break the climate of celebration in many squares of America for the presumed victory or at least for the presumed “escape from danger”, must have no hesitation in posing within the movement the political question of the cover given to imperialism by the Patrisse Cullors and the like. And to snub them precisely and above all on the crucial matter of anti-imperialism. (About the minority African-American separatists self-organized in militia we say in a separate box).

The accounts that don’t add up and the deficit to be bridged

On the crucial matter, the math doesn’t add up. The score the patriot-imperialist Trump is far from brilliant. Let’s review it on the fly.

He had to bring Korean Kim down a peg or two: he doesn’t seem to have succeeded. He had to proceed to a general reset in Latin America, starting with the removal of Maduro: ditto. He had to bend Iran, which Trump has gone so far as to threaten to pulverize with terrorism, except for the Iranian missiles that rained down on its Iraqi bases on January 8th. He had to “withdraw” from Syria, and everyone could see the shivers that ran over the skin of the American and Western bourgeoisie caused by such a “withdrawal” (October 2019) that quickly turned into the brazen occupation of the Syrian oil wells (in whose exploitation the ragged Kurdish ally bourgeoisie of the mythical Rojava is allowed to participate, said in passing). As for bringing the competing Russian and Chinese bourgeois super-powers into line, he banged his head against the wall. Like a hungover cowboy, Trump’s American patriots let loose by publicly toasting the spread of the virus in China. Scourge that should have bent it and opened the way to the historical goal of American capitalism, to its historical dream (which dream will remain): to penetrate China, to get their hands on its immense market. Instead, the virus, like a boomerang, has uncovered America’s internal social disaster, up to the mass starvation attested on the cover of the New York Times Magazine.

This deficit of imperialist power that the future President will have to try to fill, and rather urgently too, explains why Wall Street and Big business have “voted” en masse in favor of the changing of the guard, even though they have abundantly benefited from the enormous “tax rebates” granted by the highly patriotic administration in this sense of the trumped Trump. The monstrosity of the situation does not lie in the “vote” of Wall Street but, if anything, in the mass vote of the West Virginia miners, to say in general of a substantial part of the white working class, for the patriotic barker Trump who manages to present his fraction as the “party of the workers” opposed to the dem-liberal “party of Wall Street” at the same time boasting of the astounding indices (in every meaning of the term) reached… by Wall Street under his Administration.

As in a sinister and cursed spell, the circle tightened by the complementary forces of the counter-revolution around the proletariat seems to leave no escape.

A heavy “vote” “for change” that had been announced at least since August 2019, when the elite of Corporate America gathered around the Business Roundtable (present were the managers of about 200 super-corporations that employ 15 million employees for a turnover of 7 trillion dollars. A trillion makes a billion billions: “a head makes a vote” as the joke goes, the fraud of the “real” democracy? ) announced to humanity the good news of a necessary “reform” of capitalism. Such as to make it “inclusive”, attentive to the needs not only of profit but also to those of workers and of “environmental sustainability”… In short, a kind of secular Rerum novarum of the twenty-first century from which it is understood that the Synedrine intends to paint blue the galleys of wage labor, green the production of goods and rainbow colors the bombs that will be used massively to try to ensure that the machine of “inclusive” capitalism can resume generating “more value” and not “less value” i.e. losses, i.e. debt, as it happens today nailed by the historical and inexorable “Marx Law“. And it was understood that it was perhaps more functional to resort to liberal-progressive managers.

Having received the investiture (and the relative mountain of dollars) from Wall Street and big business, the liberal-progressive political conglomerate does not, however, at all guarantee a solid and secure leadership of the American war machine and the “free world”.

To “winning” Dems, donuts don’t fall into the hole

The two major events that have hit the United States, namely the social revolt triggered by the assassination of George Floyd and the social-health emergency following the spread of Covid-19, which should have swelled Biden’s consensus and routed a Trump cornered by the health disaster and the social struggle, have instead highlighted the political fragility of the so-called, super-pumped by the mainstream media, liberal-progressive “alternative”.

After George Floyd

The democratic snakes have blandished and smoothed out the rioting squares, and that has certainly brought a harvest of ballots into Biden’s sack. But they did not have full control over them, either politically or “militarily.” The class violence with which a mass of the unreserved responded to the violence of the present state of affairs has scratched bourgeois America on the face, embarrassing the Dems (good cop) more than Trump (bad cop) who, on the contrary, has cleverly taken advantage of it to galvanize his people around the need to defend the established order threatened by the “terrorists” Antifa and BLM to whom the Dems are keeping an eye on; Biden “Trojan horse… of socialism in America” (sic!).

As if in a sinister and cursed spell, the circle…

The “winning” liberals can frame in the frame of a faded reformism the Patrisse Cullors (to whom they will have to pay a political duty for the service performed and that they are going to perform) that is the managerial cadre of the small-bourgeoisie (white and black) organized by the BLM. They can garner the consensus and expectations of this social stratum. But they are far from pigeonholing under their political control the tide of America’s unreserved and corresponding to the enormous social suffering they express. In the present state of affairs there is no shadow, or rather there is only the shadow, of a concrete “reformist” prospect to flash in the eyes (and stomach) of the masses remotely comparable to that which American capitalism, through Roosevelt’s “socialist policy”, was able (having the means, that is, the accumulated material wealth) to put into play with the New Deal after 1933. Of that prodigious effort for the salvation of bourgeois society today there is only a shadow.

Covid 19 and social disaster

Not even Trump’s disastrous handling of the Covid-19 pandemic (which sowed grief according to precise class and racial discriminations) was matter that the Dems could use to easily crash him as a kind of “criminal who lets the people kill”. This is not a donut that succeeded with the hole for the Dem “winners” either.

Leaving aside the rational management of the health emergency that an effective Human Community would face without any tragic and sinister consequences for society, having freed itself from the shackles of Give and Take, of the monetary and mercantile measure of value (the banal mask, for example, (the banal mask, for example, will simply be use-value/useful object-mask, having killed exchange value) we confront ourselves with the present state of affairs (Market-Merchandise-Money, the exact opposite of the Human Community-Gemeinwesen of Marx and ours, of revolutionary communism) on the basis of bourgeois-capitalist rationality and of the management of the State machine which is the surrogate of an effective Human Community. This surrogate of Human Community can be more or less efficient, it can be able to correspond more or less adequately to the needs, to the problems, to the social emergencies. Surrogates of human community such as the Chinese or German bourgeois states, for example, show greater efficiency in managing the Covid 19 problem than the United States of America. Is it only the fault of Trump’s “denialist” management?

Eight years, two presidential terms, was not enough for the champion of the “other America” Obama to reform/develop a decent health care system for the American proletariat. How so? With what bronze face can liberals get on Trump, when it is the entire social protection system that is making water on all sides in the “most powerful country in the world” and certainly not since the year of disgrace 2016?

Trump “criminally” doesn’t care about the use of masks and his followers about the respect of social distancing contravening the elementary norms to avoid the spread of the epidemic? But the very mass uprising that followed the assassination of George Floyd violated (in the general reticence and embarrassment of the liberal-progressive environment) these norms of health prevention. Were the uprising masses supposed to stay indoors? The liberal-progressives dare not say so. Or were they supposed to storm police stations, loot supermarkets, set fire to banks, etc., only duly equipped with their regulation masks? They do say this, but for obvious reasons that have to do with the defense of bourgeois property and order, certainly not with health prevention.

But the basic issue on which the Dems, in our opinion, have done and do misfire is another. Spinosissima in fact.

When Trump (and Trumpists throughout the West) claims that “America is a country that is not meant to be closed,” he is stating a cynical and ruthless bourgeois truth. It corresponds to an effective bourgeois-capitalist rationality (the exact opposite of the effective Human Community-Gemenivesen that is at the head of the communist program). Business cannot stop, Value-Money cannot stop its perpetual motion to valorize itself in production, in short: the life of Capital, and of all humans who depend on it, cannot die of Covid 19. Biden and associates, vulgar demagogy aside, have another bourgeois-capitalist rationality to credibly oppose Trump’s cynical truth while waiting for the “solving” vaccine for both? (thanks to the science… “above the parties” of Big Pharma, speaking of effective Human Community vs. Commodity-Market-Money)

Now, this state of affairs, this beastly blackmail “to die of Covid or to die of hunger” weighs on and materially affects not only the mass of the middle classes, of small businesses and of the endless network of services (where surplus value is not produced, but the workers live off that which is already produced) but also the productive working class.

The working class does not accept to be meat for slaughter-profits and fights to impose the closure of factories and workplaces in elementary defense of its life. But at the same time it feels that things cannot go on by force of subsidies, of stimulus plans (to obtain which it must fight) that seem to rain from the sky but that it rightly and instinctively feels will be made to repay with interest. The modern proletariat (of the bourgeois epoch) is not, and does not want to be reduced (not even in the white-imperialist West), to the condition of the proletariat of ancient Rome, where the proletariat did not work but lived at the expense of society, that is, on slave labor. (Only some brain-damaged head or a despondent and degraded mass can think and want it. It can think and want to live by dint of “citizenship incomes” or, as we hear, “universal”. Degrading themselves to the role of clients attached to the udder of the sow-state. No! The proletariat, even that of the West, will not be degraded. It will kill the Slave-State and the Sow-State. It will establish the power of the Commune. For the Gemeinwesen! For the Human Community! ).

Even among a working class gripped in the vice, the cynical bourgeois rationality of a Trump gains space and will gain space (in America and outside) the longer the health emergency goes on. To the brutality of the Trumpian discourse it is worth nothing to oppose the smoke of the impalpable “reformism” of the liberals. It is necessary to oppose as much class brutality, proletarian brutality, in defense of its bread and its life, sending to hell the capitalist Give-Off account to which the whole society is nailed. Or, of course, to put on the table the reformist roast if there were the material possibility, that is, we always go back there, a real “Roosevelt-like” perspective of which, as said, there is only a shadow. At the moment.

Smoke and possible reformist roast

In theory this material possibility always exists. In practice it is not true that “the money is there” as some “anti-capitalist fighter” in good faith thinks and a bunch of charlatans and political scoundrels (bipartisan) claims and passes off “to the people” which is tantamount to saying that capitalism is eternal and omnipotent. Which it is not (but of the question that “the money is there” and that it is a matter of taking it and/or distributing it “fairly”, we will talk about it shortly). In practice, a new edition of the New Deal, or something like it, means today, a hundred thousand times more than yesterday, the absolute necessity, the urgent need to fill the imperialist power deficit that afflicts the U.S. sparrowhawk. It means settling the accounts, possibly with the “good” or the bad, in Venezuela and in the Latin American “backyard” in general, in Iran, in Syria and so on, defending “human rights” and “freedom” around the world. Before finally coming to terms with the heavyweight competitors with whom, on a planetary scale, we fight to appropriate every possible drop of precious surplus value and to contend and share every little slice of power.

Trotsky wrote about the New Deal, i.e. the possible reformist policy, that it is feasible only “thanks to the colossal wealth accumulated by previous generations. Only a country as rich as the United States could afford such an exceptional policy,” never forgetting to say the essential thing that everyone today forgets to say even about the current shadows of the New Deal: “The policy of the New Deal with its fictitious results and the actual increase in the national debt, must inevitably lead to a fierce capitalist reaction and a devastating imperialist explosion.” (see “Marxism and Our Time,” written in 1939)

We don’t know and nobody knows how much the gold reserves kept in the coffers of Fort Knox amount to, but the material base of the fortress of world capitalism is certainly less solid than at the time when the United States was able to launch an extraordinary reformist policy. Yesterday they held the record of industrial production, no more. They held credits towards the whole world, today they hold the world record of Debt and more crumbling. Time has not passed in vain for the revolutionary preparation, the Old Mole has dug his tunnels under the fortress. It has done its work perfectly.

Now it will be up to us, it will be up to the proletarian tide of the unreserved to break the sinister and cursed spell, in any part of the world arena where the struggle is taking place and where the forces are being measured. In greeting the revolt of our class brothers in the United States we said that the course of the class struggle in the U.S. is tortuous and complicated to the extreme. The “electoral” struggle with all its implications and fallout is demonstrating this. Just as it is demonstrating the value and courage of those narrow minorities of American comrades who do not intend to be the maneuvering mass of any bourgeois fraction, who do not intend to be the “radical tail” of bourgeois democracy. Consistent anti-imperialism will be the crucial and difficult terrain of struggle. All the more difficult if it has to face the politics of the slimy democratic snakes and their queens, the politics of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism imperialist and painted green, pink and rainbow.

History has already blown up so many muck piles that barred its way. This time, too, it will do what is necessary. The more hopeless things appear, the more radical the repulisti will be” (Rosa Luxemburg, February 1918)


Trauma in America and throughout the West

We have spoken of a trauma not easily reconciled that has occurred, of a big trouble looming around the corner both in the United States and throughout the “free and democratic” West.

A growing mass of “free citizens” feel that they don’t count for anything, that their vote counts for nothing in the face of a real power that certainly can’t and won’t be “put to a vote.” Even that part of proletarian America that voted to dislodge Trump has no particular enthusiasm for the “winning” tandem and no particular confidence in the “social plans”, in the reformist roast promised.

The hinge of the system of control over the masses maneuvered by the Orwellian liberal-progressive apparatuses (the hated, rightly hated, “globalists”) is conspicuously collapsing: what trustworthiness do governments have in the eyes of ever larger parts of the population? Who believes them anymore? The management of the Covid 19 emergency has only deflagrated the phenomenon, it has greatly accelerated it. Just as it has deflagrated the issue of hunger in the center of world capitalism: “Nearly one in eight households doesn’t have enough to eat“! “Nearly one in eight households doesn’t have enough to eat…millions of human beings in America are struggling to feed their families,” writes the issue of the New York Times Magazine we quoted above.

In this context, the shell of formal democracy, which as Trotsky said “is a luxury” that only a few (imperialist) countries can afford, crumbles even in its pivot. In the slutty environment of the consolidated Western democratic ménage, so terribly hostile and unfriendly to the Revolution (slutty environment: Bordiga’s definition, the final lines of the classic cornerstone “Dialogato con Stalin“, where he contrasts it with the “virgin soil” of Russia in which the force of the Revolution could proceed with all its vigor), in our Western slutty environment, we were saying, it is now that the old and worn-out whore-democracy is losing the make-up on its face. The Old Mole continues, even on this level, his methodical, inexorable work.

It will be said that it is the forces of the American and Western Right in general that are in the forefront in wielding the “torch of freedom” conculcated “by the elites” at the head of the vast middle class being slaughtered; that it is the open bourgeois counter-revolution that is coming forward while the fire burns that formal envelope. Undoubtedly, the transition is fearful. Painful, traumatic for the “progressive development” mentality of things that we carry, embodied and entrenched, on us. The world in which we grew up and fed is inexorably crumbling. It is collapsing on us.

So what? We, with Marx, say that the open counter-revolution is…revolutionary, in that it openly places things on the real ground of Force. And it is on this ground that the proletarian and unreserved tide must take up the challenge. To hell with “freedom” and the “one-head-one-vote” swindle of democracy granted to us by His Majesty Capital!



We may incur in sensational topicality given the precarious lines of contact with black separatist organizations (New Black Panther Party, NFAC militias), in which case we will take note and no one will be dead, BUT… what jumps out at us about the position of this part of our class with respect to the “electoral” struggle and its colossal meanings is the most deafening silence. And it is an unfortunately negative observation.

Of course, as nothing we have no business “sticking our nose” into “other people’s business”. Until we field RED organizations and militias there is little to turn our noses up at. However, we do not conceal our open criticism of… a matter that is ours, which concerns the international proletariat in full.

We think that this deafening silence is a manifestation of political impotence. And we think that the militants and black militiamen themselves feel it as such. This is all the more burning since they are armed but politically disarmed militias. This silence more or less means: “the elections, the choice of a president rather than another, does not concern us, they are white people’s business, we do not recognize their institutions, their business…“. Such abstention might seem to be an expression of utmost intransigence and estrangement from AmeriKKKa. Instead, it is an abstention from political struggle that leaves the door wide open to the opening of credit if not to collaboration with the bourgeois party (white and black) that “in practice” can be considered and is considered “the least worst”.

Another unfortunate negative thing is the internal feud within the black organizations and militias. The FBI and all the other state security apparatuses will certainly be very happy about this, since their aim is to sow dissension among the ranks of the self-organized black militias and to avoid in the absolute way that a catalyzing leadership can emerge.

Again, the evil is not in the bitter contrasts and splits between organizations that naturally occur. For example, the contrast and split between a Stokely Carmichael (identity/nationalist wing) and the Eldridge Cleaver (classist wing) of the old Black Panther was a painful split but a positive one as it clarified the different political positions and perspectives in the movement that decided to go their separate ways.

What’s missing today: clear policy positions on which to openly spar and, if necessary, divide. And the best way, among other things, not to make the FBI guys’ job easier.

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