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“This story is about illegal border crossings” – Abid Khan’s own words

The long journey of Abid Khan. A journey full of police violenc and repression.

Originally published by Migrant Solidarity Network.

My name is Abid Khan. I am 21 years old. I am from Pakistan. My journey started on December 15, 2017 when I have decided to leave my family because of some problems. I don’t want to explain further but wanna share the following story out of my life. When I left my town I first went to Baluchistan, another state of Pakistan. Baluchistan is at the border to Iran. To reach the border we had been walking for 15 days within the country of Pakistan, then we crossed the border, entering Iran. It was a hard way until there. Afterwards we went to Turkey. Within 5 days of walking we reached Istanbul. I spent 2.5 years in Turkey where I worked in the production of clothes. I earned only really little money so I left Turkey towards Greece. By foot I tried to cross the Turkish-Greek border 5 times but the police caught me every time and pushed me back. They beat me very badly. They took my cell phone, my money, my backpack, my shoes… and afterwards they burnt everything. Then they deported me to Turkey. On the 6th try I managed to get over the border and finally reached Greece. There I went right on to Macedonia which took me 6 days. After another two days I crossed the border to Serbia where I went into a camp. In this camp I stayed for 15 days and after that i crossed the border to Bosnia. It took me 3 days to reach Bosnia. Here I am now for already 5 months, blocked. Migrant people like me are in a bad situation in Bosnia as everyone is trying to reach Italy but is being pushed back at the Croatian border. I also tried „the game“ five times but the Croatian police caught me after having crossed the border. They have treated me very badly.

When they caught me, they beat me, took my mobile, my money, my shoes, my jacket and even some clothes. Then they made a big fire with all our belongings.

For the whole way from Pakistan to Bosnia I spent in total 7’000 Euros. I will try again to cross the border to Croatia. But first we need 200 Euros for buying all the things we need for „the game“: food, clothes, shoes, jackets.“

Some people of the Migrant Solidarity Network are currently in Bihać at the Bosnian-Croatian Border. Do you want to set a helpful sign against the consequences of isolation, surveillance, pushbacks and dehumanization and share your money for food, clothes and shoes for People on the move? They will make your shared accessible on the ground. Payments to the account of Bleiberecht Bern, IBAN: CH72 0900 0000 6024 4887 5. Note Bihać.

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