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Bury Our Dead, Honor Our Fallen, And Take Justice Into Our Own Hands

Guerrero. Mexico. Second declaration of resistance from the Popular Indigenous Council of Guerrero-Emiliano Zapata (CIPOG-EZ). You will find the first declaration here.

Originally published by Its Going Down.

Chilapa de Álvarez, Guerrero, Mexico

December 21st, 2020

To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

To the National Indigenous Congress (CNI)

To the Indigenous Governing Council (CIG)

To the People of Guerrero, Mexico and the World

To the National and International Sixth

To the CNI-CIG Networks of Support

To the Free, Honest and Autonomous Media

In June of 2019, we closed off our territory to prevent a series of massacres. In the face of the terror sown by the narco-paramilitary group “Los Ardillos,” and in the absence of the Mexican State, we declared ourselves communities in resistance of the CNI-CIG. After a year of narco-paramilitary siege which suffocated us to the limit, on November 18th, 2020, we decided to break the siege. A month later the assassinations have begun again. The impunity enjoyed by “Los Ardillos” is a clear sign: here, human rights, law and legality do not exist. The state is not absent, it is accomplice, seeking our death because we are in its way.

A year and seven months of burying our brothers and sisters without justice, and the murderers laugh at us with impunity, under the protection of the three levels of government. Today, we announce that our resistance continues, but we cannot go back to closing off our territory. Our community police cannot keep up. It is not only a matter of fighting some criminal groups. We now see clearly how the federal and state governments are complicit.

We are not confronting the same old organized crime, but a new form of government that is transforming the country. This new form of government is not benefiting the people, but rather handing over airports to the military and giving them civilian responsibilities. Meanwhile in Chiapas, the attacks against our Zapatista brothers and sisters continue in impunity. And here in Guerrero, to be able to mow over us, they give absolute freedom to narco-paramilitaries, so that vile assassination be the example for those who criticize the politics of the supreme government.

Starting today and in the following months, we will begin a collective reflection in the communities of CIPOG-EZ, CNI-CIG in the Montaña Baja region of Guerrero, to map out the following steps we will take in our territory. We definitely do not want to go back to being slaves to the narco-paramilitary groups. The Mexican state has already shown us clearly what side its commitment is on, and it is not with us. Our community police are overwhelmed under these circumstances.

For the time being, our community police will be supported by the population in general. We will establish filters and security check-points where possible. And our local and regional authorities and organizers will be in charge of convoking and holding meetings to make agreements on our following steps. We will continue carrying out mobilizations, blockading highways, taking over toll booths and other actions that we consider necessary to demand justice.

Today we bury and give back to the earth our sisters María Agustín Chino and Amalia Morales Guapango, and our brothers José Benito Migueleño and Miguel Migueleño.

We honor the memory of our fallen and we continue demanding justice for José Lucio Bartolo Faustino, Modesto Verales Sebastián, Bartolo Hilario Morales, Isaías Xanteco Ahuejote, David Domingo Alonso, Marcelino Pedro Rojas, Juana Hernández Ambrosio, Alberta Matías Tendón, José Julio Fiscaleño Hilario, Cándido Fiscaleño Hilario, Crescenciano Migueleño Coapango, Marcos Fiscaleño Bastizar, Antonio Mendoza Tolentino, Israel Tolentino Ahuelicán, Israel Mendoza Pasado, Florentino Linares Jiménez, Juan Joaquín Ahuejote, y Regino Fiscaleño Chautla.


From the heart of resistance in the community territory of the Montaña Baja of Guerrero.

The Popular Indigenous Council of Guerrero-Emiliano Zapata (CIPOG-EZ)

Municipal, communal and ejidal commissioners, municipal coordinators, security councils, municipal and assembly delegates of: Xicotlán, Tula Guerrero, Terrero 1, Ahuehuitic, Papaxtla, Acahueuetlan, Rincón de Chautla, Zacapexco, Buena Vista, Xolotepec, Xulchuchuio, San Jerónimo Palantla, Ahuixtla, El Jagüey, El Paraíso, Tepozonalco, Santa Rosa, Mexcaltepec 1.

Regions: Costa Chica, Costa Montaña, Montaña Alta and Montaña Baja in Resistance

Campesino Organization of the Southern Sierra (O.C.S.S.)

Stop the Paramilitary war against the Zapatista communities of the EZLN!

Stop the narco-paramilitary war against the Indigenous communities of the CNI-CIG!

Justice for our prisoners, assassinated and disappeared of the CNI-CIG!

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