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France: Did you say “terrorism”? Did you say “ulta-left”?

France. For a few days now, the media has been staging a case of “terrorism” that has been labeled “ultra-left”. In the early morning of Tuesday, December 8, after a weekend marked by a very strong mobilization against the “global security law”, 7 people were arrested in several cities and 5 were imprisoned after 4 days in police custody under an “anti-terrorist” regime for a “violent action project”.Two days earlier, Macron had called to break “the black blocs” by any means necessary. Shortly after, an En Marche (On the March) member of parliament praised “the professionalism of the police officers and the teams of the DGSI,” adding that “all terrorism must be fought with the same determination.” The one that comes from the Islamist ideology, as well as the one that comes from the “ultra-left” movement. A nice show, well organized, with the aim of legitimizing repression. And to revive an “far-left” scarecrow.

Originally published by Nantes Révoltée. Translated by Enough 14.

Some details.

Today this term is used in all sorts of ways, but in reality it refers to a specific political tendency. These are communist movements opposed to Leninism, including in particular the heirs of the famous German revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg. In short, a singular context, but the word no longer has any meaning: for the powers that be, it is above all a marketing term used to describe those who challenge the government. The prefix “ultra” is used to make an impression, to instill fear, to imply that they are a tiny, dangerous minority. In reality, it is not the “ultra-left,” but a growing segment of the population that is fed up and wants to revolt.

What are the allegations?

Almost non-existent. The press has nothing to bite on. At worst, “products that can be used in the composition of an explosive, TATP”. Note the associated criterion. Because it is enough to have acetone or hydrogen peroxide, common products, to be accused. A search under any kitchen sink in France would find such a “weapons storage”. Le Monde mentions a “shotgun” that was seized during one of the searches. Useless for “committing an assault.” Moreover, millions of these weapons are legally in circulation in France, and Macron himself is close to the hunters’ lobby.

Authorities admit: “At this stage, no precise plan to carry out the attack is known.” But five people are still in prison because they are “suspected” of having considered a “possible” plan for a violent action. The number of conjectures written in the media makes one dizzy. At this level of contortions, it is downright ludicrous. Meanwhile, people are being locked up in jail based on assumptions.

Even the media reports aimed at building the “profiles” of the pseudo-terrorists are doubtful. The press mentions a “30-year-old unemployed woman from Rennes who was once convicted of driving under the influence of drugs” and participated “in demonstrations and solidarity actions.” She is even referred to as a “teddy bear scout” by her neighbors. As for the “leader,” the feature that is supposed to scare the public is that he allegedly “fought in Rojava.” That is, against the DAESH terrorists.

What is the real objective of this operation?

These arrests take place in an ultra-repressive context against social struggles in recent years: arbitrary arrests with a large number of state lies, concealment of the number of arrests in Paris, the multiplication of proceedings for “criminal association” for banners, paint or umbrellas, searches and arrests against creators of Facebook events … It’s been a while that the government wants to believe that resistance against the world as it is is “terrorism”. Back in August 2019, three 18-year-old Germans were jailed in Biarritz for carrying balaclavas and militant books in their car. In Rennes, two people of the RAID were arrested because … a camera was damaged during a demonstration. The “anti-terror” operation on December 8 is therefore primarily aesthetic: demonize opponents, make them look dangerous, cut them off from a population in which rage is rising …

These media reports sound like a sad reminder of the Tarnac affair. In 2008, the government had arrested activists without tangible evidence for “terrorism.” Almost 10 years later, they were released, after having served time in prison and having been subjected to an extremely heavy accusation, given that their names and private lives were being thrown away. After this fiasco, the government restarted the anti-terror machine against some revolutionaries.

As if they want to forget that in recent weeks the armed groups that really terrorize the streets wear uniforms.

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