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Adespota Collective: Unexpected and noisy demonstration in Saronno, Lombardy [Italy]

Saronno. Lombardy. Italy. On December 19, there was an unexpected and noisy demonstration that crossed the streets of downtown Saronno.

Originally published by Il Rovescio. Translated by Enough 14.


Defenseless as far as health care is concerned.

Lombardy, after decades of ever-increasing cuts to public health care in favor of private health care, has turned a deaf ear as loud as it could. The entire national healthcare system, and above all the Lombardy one, considered the flagship, has collapsed due to lack of personnel and instruments. Centralizing healthcare and dismantling territorial medical care has been a harmful move. Even in Saronno we know something about it: the city hospital has been under the attention of the Busto hospital company for years, and its future remains uncertain.

Defenseless with regard to safety.

They have been bombarding us for years with the lie of security, a real sham package. In the meantime, they have increased the number of police, even during the current pandemic, when funds would have been needed for something completely different. In this climate of increasing social tension, the State has been guilty of an unprecedented massacre: last March, fourteen inmates were killed in the prison of Modena. The media and the Police themselves have spoken of a collective overdose for months. Bullshit! Fourteen inmates have been killed, we don’t need any official version of the truth, only a blind man could not see.

Defenseless in terms of our perception of the world.

Forced to stay at home since the pandemic, we have realized that we have no reference community, that we are more atomized than ever, each in his own bubble of incommunicability, virtual (social network) and not. Delegating parts of our lives to the State always brings misfortune, taking back piece by piece is the minimum desire. From this point of view, it becomes urgent not to allow the State to lock us up with DPCMs (Decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers): if we can work, if we can consume, then we can also protest, strike, organize; protecting ourselves, of course.

Defenselessness at work.

At the same time that the pandemic was raging, logistics workers and delivery workers suffered an increase in exploitation: the delusional Lombardy ordinances whereby bike delivery workers can’t take the train, unsustainable work rhythms, blackmail of workers who went on strike and much more. Nothing new under the sun, you might say. Boycotting the chains of exploitation is a first step, but it is not enough; supporting every initiative of struggle of these workers is the minimum.

Defenseless in school.

The first to close last February, the last to reopen, students have once again become scapegoats on which the political quarrel can be played out. There’s no question of debating whether to open or close: there’s a question of looking at the school world as a whole, a world increasingly deprived of funding, dilapidated buildings, and missing and underqualified staff. The ease with which the entire school sector has entrusted millions of personal data to large corporations (Google Meet, Classroom, Teams) gives a glimpse of the long-term direction it seems to have taken.

Tired of being mere spectators of the catastrophe that they have organized for us, let’s break the isolation in which we find ourselves, convinced that solidarity and conflict are now more than ever cards with which we must fight for our rights. Stop being defenseless in order to overturn this normality so coveted by those in power, try to imagine another world, where freedom is the guiding star.


Adespota Collective, December 2020.

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