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“This obsessive persecution is always an honor for a political prisoner” – On the transfer of Dimitris Koufontinas

The following lines reached Sunzi Bingfa from Athens. An introduction, followed by a statement of Dimitris Koufontinas on his transfer.

Orignally published by Sunzi Bingfa (German). Translated by Enough 14.

The Greek government is shifting people and borders. Acts of deliberate arbitrariness and public displays of disregard for its own laws symbolize its motives and its political self-understanding. Dimitris Koufontinas on his transfer.

Hundreds of push-backs at the Greek-Turkish borders have been documented in recent months, both in the north along the Evros River and in the Mediterranean Sea – mostly in front of the island of Lesvos. In fact, there are thousands of people who are violently stopped or kicked out at Greek borders alone on their way to Europe. A deprivation of rights with deadly consequences, which in this case is carried out in cooperation with Frontex, i.e. with police/military units of the EU member states.

Or ten days ago, when a young anarchist with a French passport was deported. Under the vague accusation of endangering public security and under the pretext of protection against epidemics, he was taken from the closed Amygdaleza camp to the airport on a Saturday morning without informing his lawyer or relatives. He had been told he would be taken to the hospital for a Covid test to release him from solitary confinement, now called quarantine. Two days later his court date would have taken place for a review of his detention pending deportation. Errol had in fact been involved in numerous occupations and actions in recent years and had accumulated some charges but no convictions. So this is how they make an example out of an active comrade.

And now Koufontinas again. Central figure of the revolutionary organization November 17, who turned himself in and took political responsibility when the Greek urban guerrilla group was uncovered in 2002 (his political autobiography ‘Born on November 17’ is recommended, published in German by Bahoe books).

The list of harassment and extrajudicial measures against him since then is long, regardless under which administration. Isolations, refusal of visits, blockade of communication for his lawyers, or judicial refusal of his legally entitled furlough possibilities.

And now once again an unannounced transfer in a cloak-and-dagger operation. We leave the classification of this maneuver to the comrade himself and publish his statement about the transfer to the Domokos prison here:

Well, I don’t have to shout to be believed” ( G. Ritsos)

Everyone sees that the “rule of law” becomes the “right of the state” and a tool of revenge in the hands of the family that governs the country politically and economically, as if it is a private company. Simple, pure, primitive revenge. Vengeance… in the manner of Sicilian clans. Revenge on the one who shows no remorse and refuses to sign a statement of repentance. Revenge against the 17N prisoners who have to witness that their prison conditions continue to deteriorate. Revenge against a man who is as old as a rock and an almost total disabled person whom they shamelessly hand over as a prey to the pandemic.

Revenge also on all the prisoners, whom, in order to satisfy the far-right audience, they pile on top of each other in the pandemic like human garbage in wretched prisons, cut off from their families. And they refuse to do what should have been done for months as a matter of self-evidence, namely the necessary emptying of the prisons, so that human lives are not massively endangered, of prisoners and guards alike.

As far as I am concerned, that is not a surprise. A government – a business enterprise, obscenely using the pandemic to restructure even more reactionary economic and social relations. Which ruthlessly plunder a blood-soaked country, in the manner of an authentic rascal grand bourgeoisie. A class that breaks its own laws and dismisses prosecutors without further ado – and tomorrow judges, because they do not like them, do not hesitate to persecute a political opponent.

But this obsessive persecution, even when it transcends the boundaries of politics and approaches other sciences, is always an honor and justification for a political prisoner.

Dimitris Koufontinas, December 23, 2020


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