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Update on the case of A. Parsa – 5 January 2021, the new deadline of IND on the case of extradition to Greece

Amsterdam. Netherlands. Update information: The previous deadline for submitting an appeal was December 8, 2020, but due to a request for more time, this date was changed to January 5, 2021. After sending the appeal to the IND, then I have to wait for the court time.

Originally published by Indymedia NL. Image above: Archive image protest in solidarity with Abtin Parsa in Amsterdam.

Political statement:
Fascism lay in Dutch society, all it needed was a spark to ignite it. My opinion on the terrorist religion of Islam is clear, as I made clear in two political statements;

However, I believe that the assassination of Theodoor van Gogh in 2004 became an excuse for the fascists to increase their power in the country. The Wilders Fascist Party used social propaganda of such murder to brainwash the society, in order to awaken the dormant fascism of the Dutch society. By confiscating the propaganda of such a murder, the party convinced large sections of society that the country was in danger of Islamization; In fact, without the use of such murder as a tool, this party would never have been able to establish executive power in the country. This is a big lie, the Netherlands or Europe has never been in danger of being Islamized. There is a danger of Islamization, just because the existence of the fascists is tied to the existence of Islam, the fascists are the biggest proponents of the Islamization of Europe because they need to use Islam to convince society that something needs to be done. The terrorist religion of Islam only has become just became cover for fascists to hide their racist face towards immigrants. In fact, when we look at history, we find that Islam and fascism have hit immigrants equally hard. “Islam is a terrorist ideology, Islam is not the culture of immigrants, Islam is not the history of immigrants.” Shame on so-called anti-fascists who gives platform to Islamists and defend Islam behind the stupid words such as Islamophobia. I believe that the political position of the so-called anti-fascists in the Netherlands is not in favor of the immigrants but it is in collusion with the fascists. The correct position of the anti-fascists in netherlands must be against Islam and against fascism, only then will the fascists lose their position in using Islam against the immigrants. In fact, it is the fault of the so-called anti-fascist also, that such situation exist, because the anti-fascists in the Netherlands could not take the right position on Islam and immigrants, unfortunately this wrong position still continues strongly.

The growth of fascism in the Netherlands was predictable:
1- Majority of a so-called anti-fascist movement that is incapable of taking the right stance against fascist propaganda.

2- The destruction of the proletarian movement, which (proletariat) is the most reliable enemy against fascism.

3- Existence of the majority who are the bourgeoisie and the micro-bourgeoisie with the ideas of neoliberalism.

4- An oligarchic regime that seeks to maximize its power towards totalitarianism.

It is true that we anarchists do not believe in parliament and government, but these are signs that the Dutch oligarchy is moving more and more towards fascism; a more dangerous issue is the silence of society, which shows that a fascist oligarchy can grow easily in this way. Suffice it to look at the parliament of the Dutch oligarchic regime, they are all either publicly fascists or some stupid liberals hiding behind different titles, there is nothing else. The time of uprising has come, fascism has taken over the whole country, you may not see it, but I and many other immigrants experience it every day.

Abtin Parsa
29 December 2020

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