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Athens, Greece: Police invades student’s accomodation

Athens. Greece. During the early hours of Wednesday, December 30, heavy police forceas invaded the Students Halls (aka FEPA) in the area of Zografou, Athens under the pretext of a drug search. The riot police destroyed private rooms and common spaces where (anarchist and student) assemblies were held and arrested six residents. While the operation was in motion, a drone was flying above the FEPA building playing a recorded message which said that people should go inside and stop recording the events with their mobile phones!

Originally published by antirinfo Telegram Channel.

It is the first time that the police breaks into a student accomodation in Greece.

This utterly hostile and intimidating act is preceded by the abolition of the university asylum and takes place amidst governmental plans to devalue public universities in favour of private colleges and to establish extensive ‘university police’. We understand this as coordinated strategy to attack the polymorphous struggles of the university students to defend the deteriorating public education and the public space too.

Timeline and context of the case

At 10/12/20 dormitory residents occupied the secretary’s office, claiming free tests, disinfections, free masks and adequate cleaning of the student halls, along side with some permanent requests for the catering of the most sensitive financial groups of students.
In response, the rectory threatened with the suspension of food, electricity, water, internet provision, and on Saturday 12/12 closed the restaurant. After that the only response to the students received by the official manager was: ‘I do not work on Saturday and it is your fault because of your occupation’.

This move, to deprive students of food in the midst of a pandemic when financial difficulties have become particularly acute, is not only reprehensible and unacceptable, but also a representative stance of the rectory over the years.
The student’s occupation ended on 22nd of December. Nine days later the Rectorate service of the Kapodistrian University of Athens allowed the invasion on the students dormitories.

Most of the greek mass media created an imaginative yet very often appropriated scenario of drug search to justify this upgraded repressive political act of violence against the student body and activists.

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