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We Embrace Again: Communique from Family Members and Friends of Subversive and Anarchist Prisoners

Santiago de Chile. Chile. A statement by the Family members and friends of subversive and anarchist prisoners: CAS, Maximum Security and the San Miguel Prison.

Submitted to Enough 14.

During these last two weeks, all of our imprisoned subversive compañerxs in their different units (high-security prison, maximum security section and the “connotación publica” module in the San Miguel Prison) received a visit from one of their loved ones. We ruptured the protocols and we embraced each other with an intensity that only genuine affection and the anarchist spirit allows. In spite of this long period without seeing each other, the certainties of combat remain unshakable inside and outside of prison.

Thanks to the struggle in the streets, by means of meetings, propaganda, agitation, construction of networks, etc.: and the struggle in the prisons, by means of hunger strikes, communiques, noise demonstrations, and active participation in “rancho” strikes (rejecting prison food), one two-hour visit every month has been achieved. We know that the isolation has not ceased, so we remain anxious for the development of different conditions in the future.

We saw our compañerxs strong, and with the disposition to struggle, a disposition that is proper to them. They will not allow themselves to be subjugated by the conditions imposed upon them. Not long sentences nor crude revenge from the powerful will be enough to decapacitate them as combatants. Even within prison walls there is no defeat in them.

This immediate battle to see each other again, is only part of the continuity that we have maintained for decades in the millimetric fight that is living with prison, always with the compass directing us to permanent confrontation with power. That is why we also recognize that with the return of visits, absolutely nothing has ended.

In spite of the sanitary/repressive conditions of new quarantines or phase changes, the reality of struggle of subversive and anarchist prisoners is urgent, with new trials, conditions of extreme isolation and the unsustainable situation of compañeros condemned to long prison sentences for actions in the 90s. There is also the urgency to overthrow the reprehensible modification of the decree law 321, which makes it even more difficult to access any regime of “conditional release.”

As family members, friends and compañerxs, we have the firm conviction to act, growing and coordinating with all those who seek by all dignified and possible means, the release of our compañerxs to the streets. Our compañerxs who today are maintained kidnapped by the state beneath different judicial tricks.

It is urgent and necessary to unite efforts in order to take certain steps in this just struggle which we will not renounce.

Against the modification of the retroactive decree law 321.

For the annulment of the sentences issued by the military prosecutors from the 90’s, which are still used to keep us held hostage.

Until we see all of our loved ones in the streets!

While there is misery, there will be rebellion.

Death to the state and long live anarchy!

Family members and friends of subversive and anarchist prisoners: CAS, Maximum Security and the San Miguel Prison

Final days of December 2020

Santiago de Chile

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