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Uprising at Immigration Detention Center in Christmas Island, Australia

Australia. Immigrant prisoners at the Christmas Island Detention Centre set buildings ablaze in an uprising under the slogan “Enough is Enough” on Wednesday.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

“They are burning the roof, they are sick and tired of being treated like shit,” a man said during a live video of the uprising.

Grievances from prisoners have increased following a lack of contact from family and visitors after moving from mainland Australia amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prisoners are being locked in their compounds 22 hours a day with no access to green space and miserable conditions of imprisonment.

The refugees who started the uprising are among the roughly 240 people recently transported to Christmas Island from the Australian mainland—people facing up to the possibility of indefinite detention within a labyrinthine system specifically designed by the Australian government as a mechanism of torture.

At least two prisoners scaled the building and managed to gain access to the roof while others lit fires.

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