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Borders kill! – Demo in Innsbruck [Austria]

Call for a demonstration against the European border regime in Innsbruck, Austria. January 30, 2021 from 2 pm at Annasäule!

Originally published by Emrawi. Translated by Riot Turtle for Enough 14.

Demo: January 30, 2021 from 2 pm at Annasäule [Innsbruck, Austria]!

In the Mediterranean, in the forests of Bosnia or in Moria on Lesvos – Europe’s military border regime organizes inconceivable suffering. People seeking refuge in Europe are stopped at the borders. Many do not even have the possibility to apply for asylum! They are taken away from the border in illegal actions and abandoned, have to remain in the cold without a roof over their heads.

Europe collaborates with dictatorial states and private agencies like Frontex to enforce these racist measures.
Let’s overcome nationalist thinking: let’s enable safe escape routes, let’s open the borders – we have space!
The contempt for human beings of this racist border policy is not only shown at the external borders of Fortress Europe, but also inside: People often have to spend many months in detention pending deportation and the conditions in the prison-like asylum and return centers are unbearable.

A concrete example of this is the Bürglkopf deportation camp in Tyrol. At an altitude of 1250m, far away in the mountains, around 90 refugees are currently being held. The goal of this facility is to isolate refugees, break them and force them to leave “voluntarily.” Bürglkopf – and all other camps – must be closed immediately! Let’s organize solidary support, such as decentralized housing for refugees!

The Austrian state is also continuously deporting people – despite the pandemic! In recent months, there have been charter deportations to Russia, Nigeria and Afghanistan, as well as many individual deportations. In these countries, autocrats rule, violations of human rights are committed and war is raging.

We can not let this happen unanswered! Resistance against deportations is possible and urgently needed.
Europe has been profiting from exploitation and war in the Global South for centuries. The ideology of racism and the continuation of the colonial economic structure must finally be broken!

It is high time to build a liberated society – another world is possible!

Please wear masks and keep distances!

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