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Nicosia, Cyprus: Prelockdown blues #2 [antifa λευkoşa]

antifa λευkoşa is a self-organized autonomous collective based in the divided city of Nicosia (also known as Lefkoşa). The collective began in December of 2014 following the hunger strikes of Iranian detainees in the migrant detention centre of Menoyia. The group’s concerns have centered primarily on anti-fascism and issues regarding the politics of migration in Cyprus and Europe and we have mobilised around them through actions such as demonstrations at the detention centre of Mennoyia, a demonstration and microphone intervention in Nicosia and common events with migrant groups. Gentrification, labor and gender issues and ecology are also topics that the collective is interested in. We republish the antifa λευkoşa pamphlet Prelockdown blues #2.

Originally published by Antifa Nicosia.

The appearance and spread of covid-19 in Cyprus led to a state organised, military style reshaping of our everyday life. Closed borders, chaos at the hospitals, media obsession with numbers of cases and deaths, loss of jobs, harsh controls of movement of most and violent exclusions for others. The flyer you are holding is an attempt to communicate in a time when they have bombarded us with individual responsibilities and individual guilt, where we are supposed to be alone, confused and doomed. Written and distributed by the antifa λευkoşa collective.

antisocial media:

Read the full Prelockdown blues #2 pamphlet in PDF Format: here.

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