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Madrid: A huge snowbattle and police charges [Video]

Madrid. January 9. 2021. Amazing images last night (January 9, 2021) in Madrid. There was a lot of snow in the Spanish capital, which was covered with a thick white blanket as is rarely the case. People took to the streets, and soon huge snowfights took place in the downtown area. The city became a big playground, and joy invaded the streets after a long period of gloom.

Originally published by Nantes Révoltée. Translated by Riot Turtle for Enough 14.

But the police are always there to spoil the party. As a result, young people from Madrid threw snowballs at the police cars that had come to stop the snow fights. A few barriers were put in the way, and charges were made.

In France, as in Spain, “maintaining order” means repression as soon as life returns again, as soon as the normal order of things is disrupted by the struggle, by the party, or even by a snow fight?

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