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Join The Revolutionary Abolitionist Front: A Call For Defense Groups

Call for defense groups: Join the Revolutionary Abolitionist Front.

“With organization, we can overcome the leviathan of capital and white supremacy, burn down the plantation, and actualize the revolution in our lifetimes.”

Submitted to Enough 14. Originally published at Revolutionary Abolisionist Movement.

Our communities are under attack. We have fought and defended ourselves against a complex, multi-faceted and growing onslaught from the forces of white supremacy and capitalism. As the United States continues its descent into a failed state and a collapsed empire, its tyrannical institutions and bootlicking mercenaries have become even more violent and irrational. In moments of collapse, there is a necessity for us to act. Our communities must be defended and our world must change.

Therefore, we call for the formation of groups across the country as part of a network called the Revolutionary Abolitionist Front. We are a militant defense organization committed to protecting people, revolutionary projects, and community spaces targeted by racist attacks. We are committed anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, and anti-imperialists who are part of the internationalist revolutionary movement. We organize in the tradition of the Black Panther Party’s patrols against the fascist police, and Robert F Williams Black Armed Guard facing off the KKK.

Today, we are fighting the same enemy. For example, in 2015 the Charleston AME Church massacre occurred, in which a white supremacist murdered nine Black people. In 2018, we witnessed the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre. Eleven Jewish people were slaughtered that day. In 2019, in El Paso, there was the Walmart massacre: Twenty-three predominantly Latinx people were gunned down by a fascist. These were not isolated incidents, and from these outrages we can see that we are in the earliest stages of a dirty war. The executive branch of the government has been seized by the far right, and emboldened those segments of the population. In its quest for racial purity and unfettered capitalism, the country is clearly pushing the entire world toward imminent collapse. The siege of the capitol is the latest salvo in our conflict.

Deluded with conspiratorial madness, the fascist politicians and the capitalist class have done everything in their power to further enrich the few wealthy people in the US while attacking everyone else. They have created a network of concentration camps for Latinx people, banned Muslims from entering the country, given carte blanche to police to murder Black people, publicly executed leftist, antifascist political opponents, armed fascist mercenaries, and expanded the institutionalized system of slavery– all while publicly declaring that they wanted a once-in-a-century pandemic to ravage everyone. This has happened with total complicity from their political “opponents” in the establishment who explicitly or tacitly endorse most of the same draconian policies that the far right implements.

In this context, the massacres are not an anomaly but the logical conclusion. With this reality, we say enough is enough. Join us as we get organized to defend ourselves, our comrades, and our communities. With organization, we can overcome the leviathan of capital and white supremacy, burn down the plantation, and actualize the revolution in our lifetimes.

Points of Unity

  • We will defend people from the state and fascists
  • We will defend the oppressed (including Black, Indigenous, Muslim, immigrant, and queer communities)
  • We will fight for the abolition of prisons, the State, and capitalism, and to create a society based on revolutionary abolitionist values
  • We will help to empower people in their day-to-day lives
  • We will prepare for wider uprisings
  • We will support oppressed communities through uprisings
  • We will apply a serious level of training to prepare ourselves for the struggle
  • We will never let our strength devolve into authority; we serve our communities with humility
  • We will only defend revolutionary political projects, not those allied to the US political class
  • We will never work for politicians, non-profits or liberal groups

Types of Actions

  • Hold defense skills trainings
  • Militant patrols
  • Move people being hunted to safe houses
  • Provide security for revolutionary political projects, like demonstration and public events
  • Protect community spaces under threat of attack from fascists
  • Eviction defense
  • Copwatch
  • Distributing information to communities about the need to drive the police out and abolish prisons

Security Guidelines

  • We will not attempt to gain credit or money for ourselves through this work
  • We will always remain anonymous
  • We will neither communicate nor cooperate with law enforcement
  • We will not reveal the activities of our comrades to anyone outside of our group
  • We will use encrypted communication and will not discuss sensitive activities electronically
  • We will not gossip about our comrades, whether in-person or online
  • We will not talk to journalists, or try to become journalists

If you are already organizing along these principles, we encourage you to carry this banner. If you agree with these points of unity, and haven’t started yet, we encourage you to form a group. You can start with as few as two comrades who share this political vision. If you would like to discuss further, and talk about building this network, please contact us by securely using a protonmail account at:

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