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Rigaer 94, Berlin: Lockdown Capitalism! Solidarity and self-organization as a response to the crisis – Join the demo on 23.01!

Berlin. Rigaer 94 supports the call for the Lockdown Capitalism demonstration on January 23, 2021, in Berlin-Moabit!

Originally published by Rigaer 94.

For a combative year 2021!

The year 2020 has confronted everyone with new challenges. The government measures to maintain the status quo have not left us unscathed. Just as for many others, it is difficult for us – not only since the beginning of government restrictions – to find a collective way to deal with the situation.

Everywhere we are sworn to “national unity” in the face of a “crisis of the century” that can only be overcome with a general mobilization. If the Bundeswehr is now presented to us in the form of “mobile vaccination teams,” then this is only the logical consequence of a general militarization of language in relation to this crisis.

This crisis exists for the state, however, only as long as it can draw profit from it. To extend its power in a state of emergency and to expand its control over the population, or to misuse the concept of solidarity to incite people to “carry on like this”, ignoring the risks to their own health.

When it came to evicting the Syndikat, Liebig34 or even our neighbor under the balcony, there was no trace of measures to contain the pandemic. Thousands of cops were mobilized to evict people from their self-organized spaces, apartments or even a section of the street. This is neither a scandal, nor a special case, but simply the normality within this system!

If we continue to make our spaces available for collective organizing, it is precisely because this crisis shows us once again that we can only be responsible for ourselves. That we don’t have to hope for anyone and that no one else in this system should expect anything else.

In the face of the worsening conditions our answer is self-organization!

In this sense we join the call for the demonstration on 23.01.2021 in Berlin-Moabit! For a combative year 2021! For a better tomorrow!  

When: 23.01.2021 at 3pm

Where:  Carl von Ossietzky Park (in front of the prison Moabit) [next to U9 – Turmstr. / S-Bhf. Bellevue]


Start: 03:00pm (15:00)! Vor der JVA-Moabit (Alt Moabit)- Rathenowerstraße-Turmstraße-Lübeckerstraße-Birkenstraße-Putlitzstraße-Pulitzbrücke-Förerbrücke-Torfstraße-Sprengelstraße-Sparrstraße-Lynarstraße-Müllerstraße-Leopoldplatz-Schulstraße-Prinz Eugenstraße-Adolfstraße-Gerichtsstraße-Nettelbeckplatz-End

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