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Montreal: Demonstration against COVID-19 curfew

Montreal. QC. Photos & report back. Over 100 protesters gathered in east-end Montreal yesterday, to express opposition to the #curfew as well as to highlight measures to combat the pandemic rooted in solidarity and support for the most marginalized of society.

Originally published by No Borders Media. Images also by No Borders Media.

The protest, which successfully marched through the streets of #Hochelaga, emphasized the cruel negative impacts of the curfew and related police harassment on the homeless, sex workers, drug users, undocumented workers and others.

The demo organizers emphasized that the protest was in favour of COVID-19 mitigation measures, but rejected the curfew as authoritarian and detrimental to an effective pandemic response.

The organizers rejected the involvement of anyone associated with far-right, anti-science, conspiracy groups, highlighting instead a social justice, pro-science approach (exemplified by a sign reading: “pro-science, pro-mask, pro-vaccine, anti-curfew”).

There was a large police presence at the demo, including riot police in full gear who were deployed despite the demo being family-friendly & respecting health measures. Protest organizers provided masks and protesters practiced physical distancing.

The protest was a successful & modest first step towards taking up more public space – rooted in social justice & science – to continue to oppose authoritarian measures like the curfew while promoting solidarity-based solutions to mitigating the pandemic.

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