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Stuttgart, Germany: Fireworks at Stammheim prison on January 16

Stuttgart. Germany. On the evening of January 16, 2021, we launched fireworks in front of Stammheim Prison to greet the prisoners and send them power over the walls.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Riot Turtle for Enough 14.

The antifascist Jo was released from custody a few days ago after more than 6 months, but with Dy there is another antifascist in Stammheim because of the same trial. Comrade Martin from the Mietze trial as well as Veysel and Agit for alleged PKK membership are also imprisoned there.

In addition, there are many social prisoners, such as those of the so-called “Stuttgart riot night“.

Prison is not a tool of justice, but a tool of the ruling class to secure its power and property relations.

In the course of the capitalist crisis, repression against the revolutionary and anti-fascist movement continues to increase in order to preventively keep resistance against the system small.

The repression issue will keep us busy in the near future – we stand against it with our solidarity!

For the 20th of March we mobilize for a transregional anti-repression demonstration in Stuttgart. Participate!

More information is available on the campaign blog:

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