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Nucleo Comunista Internazionalista on Washington’s inauguration-incorporation: Our Salute to the democratic snakes

Italy. A salute” to the gruesome ceremony of Jan 20 in Washington and a… little “appeal” to the class movement by Nucleo Comunista Internazionalista.

Submitted to Enough 14. Originally published by Nucleo Comunista Internazionalista. Cartoon above by Nucleo Comunista Internazionalista.

The gruesome inauguration ceremony of the new American administration “beacon and leader of the free world” has just taken place. The words used by the new, legitimately and democratically elected President, Joe Biden (who as the leader of the “free world” is President and Commander-in-Chief “of us all” here in Europe as well) could not have been more fair and true. He articulated that in the “nation under the power of God” where “the good angels, the guardians, have always had the upper hand” and of which he is the new commander in chief “democracy has won“: “This is the day of democracy“!

We repeat: the meaning of these words uttered by the new President is profoundly just and true, there is no overturning of reality in them as superficial critics certainly intend. Today, in the year of grace 2021, 14 years after the “outbreak” of the world capitalist crisis of 2007, this is exactly what bourgeois and imperialist democracy looks like, spectacularly and spectrally flaunted in the Washington ceremony. To claim the contrary and that there can be a “less gruesome” and “human-faced” democracy means only to be deluded and naive in good faith or to be deceitful and patented barkers of the proletariat and the masses of the oppressed.

Bourgeois and imperialist democracy is exactly as it was represented on January 20 in the heart and pivot of world capitalism: armored, super-armored. A praetorian guard of 26,000 men deployed “for protection”, tanks and anything else ready to intervene for any eventuality. This, however, is only one horn of the democratic triumph. The other is the vindication of the “inclusive”, “open” character of democratic power in which every possible “type of minority” is welcomed and co-opted: “women”, blacks, Latinos, gays, gender and so on and so forth. The world of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, of the Open Society, the bourgeois world painted green, pink and rainbow of which Biden and especially Harris are the standard bearers affirms and claims not to tolerate any discrimination. It wants to be the representation of the perfect bourgeois society in its ideal and purest state: all perfectly “free and equal” (as Marx says in the Grundrisse), all perfectly and purely slaves of the Moloch!

The creepy figure of Lady Gaga, who cheered up the event with her performance, is the worthy representation of the super-blind triumph of Inclusive Capitalism: a rotten world soaked to the marrow, smashed in the brain, drugged in the flesh, perverted in the spirit. We should not underestimate the “cultural” aspect with which the ideological coating of the armored and imperialist democracy is represented: it is a weapon in the hands of the counter-revolution as much as the control of the mainstream media, the “artistic production”, the fashions and trends churned out to stupefy the masses, etc..

For what purpose, against whom, such a gruesome display and show of force?

Certainly there is the immediate purpose of foiling and crushing any possible coup de tail on the part of the defeated bourgeois fraction, the demonstration of full control of the military apparatus of the state to discourage possible sedition within the armed forces and more. But, in our opinion, the exhibition and show of force given by the armored democracy in Washington in the coronation ceremony was, more profoundly, a warning directed against the entire proletariat of America and beyond:

Let no proletarian, let no oppressed person in this land dare to question the sacred institutions of the Democratic State! Anyone who dares, in America and elsewhere, to undermine the principles and material interests of the “free world” will be crushed without mercy!

We address ourselves in a special way to those minorities of American comrades who have demonstrated their value and courage by taking to the streets in recent months behind the banner “neither with Trump nor with Biden”, demonstrating that they are not a mass of maneuver and radical tail of bourgeois democracy. And through them we want to ideally address the entire American proletariat (damnably divided and subjugated to both bourgeois fractions, in the U.S. as indeed everywhere in the West).

Comrades, class brothers,

the newly installed administration is a particularly difficult devious enemy to deal with. Just as the democratic snakes will clothe their external imperialist action with lofty “humanitarian” and “freedom” aims, their imperialist aims clothed in “anti-totalitarian” crusade, so their internal, anti-proletarian and counter-revolutionary action will be clothed in the orgy of bogus “rights” to be attributed to “the free citizen”, rendered in reality ever more enslaved and separated from a real and effective Human Community.

A fundamental and particularly difficult task of struggle is therefore the clear, unequivocal break, not only (obviously) with the world and with the “humanitarian and cultural values” of Inclusive Capitalism and the Open Society, but against its direct and indirect, open and disguised ramifications, which undermine the development of a movement truly antagonistic to bourgeois power.

Against armored democracy and its servants!

For the International Proletarian Revolution!

Nucleo Comunista Internazionalista, January 21, 2021

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2 thoughts on “Nucleo Comunista Internazionalista on Washington’s inauguration-incorporation: Our Salute to the democratic snakes

  1. Are these meant to be anti-semitic caricatures? They look a bit dodgy to me.

    1. Nope, that not that we are aware of. The charachters are meant to be MEP’s. But we also didn’t really like the cartoon. It was submitted like that.

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